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[DrFunk98] is an artist/youtuber and voice actor, who creates parodies of several manga/anime series, and occasionally fandubs. The presentations of these parodies can differ, but the most prevalent are the Manga abridged format.

Abridging Projects and Voice Work[]

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Manga Abridged[]

Writer/Editor/Voice Actor
Characters: Jonathan Joestar, Dio Brando, Dario Brando, Jack The Ripper, Dire, Tattoo, Orange Slice, Lisa Lisa, Rudol Von Stroheim, Wired Beck, Noriaki Kakyoin, Hierophant Green, Anubis. Extras.

Devilman Manga Abridged[]

Writer/Editor/Voice Actor
Characters: Ryo Asuka, Zenon, Go, Tetsuya.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Mangabridged[]

Writer/Editor/Voice Actor
Characters: Shigeru Aoba. Hikari Horaki, Sahaquiel, Extras

The Fatally Furious Adventure Series by Metabadd[]

Voice Actor
The Fatally Furious Adventure (Fatal Fury OVA Abridged) Andy Bogard.

Fatal Fury 2: The Quick Battle (Fatal Fury 2 OVA Abridged) Andy Bogard.

The Fatally Furious Adventure 3 (Fatal Fury The Motion Picture Abridged) Andy Bogard.


  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Manga Abridged is a resurrection of a previously scrapped attempt of a manga abridged series. The original version of the series was amateurish, with only DrFunk providing the voices, and being recorded with a camera faced at a computer screen. Scripts were never even written, everything was improvised. DrFunk produced several series like this, all of which have been privated, deleted, or unlisted.
  • Devilman Manga Abridged came about after the voice of Joseph Joestar and co writer for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Manga Abridged, Eman Sdrawkcab. Was reading through the original series, (upon recommendation of DrFunk) and suggested the idea of abridging it. Combined with the sudden main stream interest garnered from the Devilman Crybaby adaptation, it seemed the best time to put it into motion.