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Dr. Stone abridged is a parody currently covering the Stone Formula arc.

Changes from canon[]

  • There's farting sounds whenever someone is unpetrified
  • Senku is a self-diagnosed sociopath. His sanity slightly slipping in the Stone World, with him treating the stone statues as an audience, as if he was a sitcom character.
  • Taiju is still a bumbler, but more efficient to Senku than in the original. He's open about his affection for Yuzuhira, but is oblivious to her actual feelings. He's intended as a Kronk parody.
  • Yuzuhira is blunt and straightforward with her opinions. But is slightly dumb.
  • Tsukasa is a self-proclaimed "bisexual icon". He is also a woodland scout like Taiju; hence why he became an eco terrorist.
  • Kohaku is stupid and speaks in the third person; befitting the "gorilla" nickname from the canon.
  • The Hundred Tales of Ishigami Village included pop culture reference; hence they know what a gun is.
  • Mantle sings a Gaston parody song about Magma