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Disorganization XIII

Founding Members

MasterWGS and DeathNoteL12


Antfish, WillOfD, SamuraiKH2, DeathNoteL12, Takahata101, ZeroMaster, XBeetxAbridgedX, MasterWGS, llcj20, TheGreatPirateKing, Touketsu, FrickNinja, ElementMaster911, Decimator71 and Nowacking

Disorganization XIII is a parody series about Organization XIII from Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts Series.


Disorganization XIII was created by Master WGS and DeathNoteL12 when they were both bored one day. They came up with the idea and DeathNoteL12 quickly tried to get more voice actors. The first 5 to be in Disorg. were Master WGS, DeathNoteL12, Antfish, Takahata101, and Llcj20. Soon after the rest of the member came to join and then they created the first episode on Oct. 14. They've created 4 episodes since.

The new leader of DisorganizationXIII is XxTwistedVIxX. He takes the role of the honky Lexaeus(stay away from his fried chicken). Their new episodes are coming soon; the first of the new casted list was written in part by orgXIIIpodcast AKA Organization XIII Podcast.

Roles and Guests[]

(update) New Cast for 2011

Xemnas: FlamingWindJutsu

Xigbar: Will of D

Xaldin: SamuraiKH2

Vexen: DeathnoteL12

Lexaeus: XxTwistedVIxX

Zexion: Zeromaster

Saix: xbeetxabridgedx

Axel: MasterWGS

Demyx: llcj20

Luxord: thegreatPirateKing

Marluxia: Touketsu

Larxene: pandoraherself (a fellow abridger)

Roxas: ElementMaster911

Narrator: Decimator71

Special Guests:


DiZ: BossTrigger

Riku: Aetas800

Xion: Nowacking

(updated by their new partners orgXIIIpodcast) :) Old Cast
Xemnas - Antfish
Xigbar - WillofD
Xaldin - SamuraiKH2
Vexen -DeathNoteL12
Lexaeus -Takahata101
Zexion - Zeromaster
Saïx -XBeetxAbridgedX
Axel - Master WGS
Demyx - llcj20
Luxord - TheGreatPirateKing
Marluxia - Touketsu
Larxene - FrickNinja
Roxas - ElementMaster911
Narrator - Decimator71

Special Guests
DiZ: BossTrigger
Riku: Aetas800
Xion: Nowacking

Sora: CanadianJutsu