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Disgaea Abridged, or it's alternate title "Disgaea A.B.R.I.D.G.E.D." (since episode 7) is the first abridged series made by Mr.Obscuriter and private_prinny. However, it can't really be called an abridged series seeing as how each episode actually lasts almost as long as the original source. In fact, Disgaea Abridged won the unofficial award for "Least Abridged Series". The series started in 2009 with the airing of the first episode on Youtube on October 30th. Since then Mr.Obscuriter has made twelve more episodes, several specials, and a few "Soopa Abridged" one-shots. He now posts his episodes on his website more regularily than his Youtube account because of copyright infringement.


Humble Beginnings[]

Disgaea abridged logo colored by bakukurara-d4d014y

Logo by CuteEvilBakura (winner of the fanart contest)

Disgaea the Abridged Series didn't start with the idea of it being an "Abridged Series". Mr.Obscuriter was quoted as saying, "I just figured out one day when messing with video files that you can mute the audio. I know, what a revalation right? Haha, but once I figured that out I really wanted to dub over and make funny voices with a video, and one of the few series I had all of the episodes of was Disgaea, and it kind of took off from there." Initially Mr.Obscuriter only showed this "pilot" episode to a few select friends, but they encouraged him to post it on Youtube and to call it an "Abridged Series" so more people could find it. The positive reaction he got from so many people encouraged him to keep making episodes.

Remastering and Remaking[]

Mr. Obscuriter has had to re-release his episodes several times because of various copyright claims and other such things; however, unlike most other abridgers, whenever he re-released an episode he would often touch up on many aspects of the video. This would include anything from extra sound effects or extra background music to new jokes or (like episode 6) complete new segments. Mr.Obscuriter said that he felt that his series really started getting good and serious around episode 4, so he made plans to completely remaster episodes 1-3. However he's only redone episode 1 so far.

Episode List[]

Episode List
Episode 1 "A clever title, to draw you in" 10/30/09
Episode 2 "The Dawn of Ted" 11/30/09
Episode 3 "Puu is always watching" 1/24/10
Episode 4 "What's a Defender or Earth doing in Hell anyway?" 2/8/10
Episode 5 "But lowbrow humor is so much easier to write" 3/24/10
Episode 6 "Isn't there supposed to be fighting at some point?" 5/13/10
Episode 7 "Season Finale!" 6/3/10
Episode 8 "Count the references!?" 8/25/10
Episode 9 "Wait, What!?" 10/25/10
Episode 10 "Now that's... convenient" NA
Episode 11 "The Cape of Many Wonders" 9/26/11
Episode 12 "The Russian, the Bitch, and the Board Game" 1/2/12
Episode 13 "The Etna Show" 3/3/12



Laharl in the series is short tempered and sarcastic but a lot more sensible than most of the other characters, often realizing several plotholes and inconsistencies in the original story. He has ridiculous plans and ideas, like the fact that he wanted to take over Celestia by destroying rocks or when he decided to prove Flonne and Etna wrong by taking them to his "Super Secret Super Sexy Resort". In episode 6 we discover that Laharl is asexual and reproduces by budding, which causes confusion when Laharl thinks Kogineski is his "love child". He's also been shown to be a lot more cruel and uncaring than in the original series, such as disintergrating Hogmeiser or exploding Sardia, as well as dropping Flonne repeatedly off a bridge.

Flonne the Magnificent[]


Flonne destroying her "Love Scouter"


Flonne is possibly the most ridiculous and over-the-top character in the series. She's also one of the most quoted characters with sayings like, "The sky is against me!" or "Dang it Laharl just listen to the talking pig!" or just screaming her name, "FLOOOOONNNNNEEE!". She also has a "love scouter" that can measure one's "love level". In episode 5 she sings the song "It's hotter than Hades" a fictitious song created by Mr.Obscuriter's mother when wanting to descibe how hot it was. In episode 10 Flonne is left in a desert becauses she upsets the "Disgaea Abridged 1 Year Anniversary" party. In the desert she develops an alter ego much like Golem's in The Lord of the Rings.

Voice actors[]


Laharl, Flonne, "Kevin", Thursday, Jennifer, Lamington, Vulcanus, Vyers, The HOLE, Zeniski, Pedro the prinny, Speedy the prinny (and most likely everything else not mentioned)


Etna, "Ted", Captain Gordan, DDR Announcer, "Poco", "Gargoyle-thing", Kogineski, Ghost Partier





Guest Stars:[]

  • Poke_luver (episode 6) 
  • Talkie Steak (episode 8) 
  • Dymryk (episode 9)

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