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  • Dirty Daniel VO (mostly just referred to as Dirty Dan) is a self-proclaimed comedian (but, we all know that is the true joke), voice actor, 'professional' troll, and photoshop hobbyist.

Dirty Daniel started his trolling 'career' on January 25th 2019, on the voice acting website CastingCall.Club .

As of August 8th 2019, he has reached 100 followers on the website.

Online Discovery[]

  • Asuna X Thomas the Tank Engine 18+ Movie Project. Daniel made a project on CastingCall.Club mocking projects created by weird fandoms. This project's obscure title, and extremely long as well as detailed description brought attention to hundreds of people, then to thousands after YouTube Personality CDawgVA made a video auditioning to weird projects, using aforementioned hoax project's name as hype in the beginning of his [Undercover Voice Acting] video series. Currently the original project on the CastingCallClub website appears to have been taken down by website staff. (As deletion of the project has been denied by project creator.)

Social Links[]


  • Brock H Obama (Xbox Account)
  • Agent Jimmy Stone