Digimon Abridged
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2007 - 05/08/2009


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History Edit

In 2007 Digimon Abridged was originally started by GoldbergFanatic (before the name change to Kai Koshimoro in late 2008.) Digimon was chosen by Kai out of a love for the source material and a chance to breathe new life into the series. For the duration of the series new actors have been added and a new writer, Cardwiz with Kai as consultant and Co-Writer. The series was edited by Kai.

Cast Edit

  • Kai Koshimoro - Tai Kamiya, Devimon, Biyomon, Nararator, Gabumon + Evolved Forms, Agumon+ Evolved Forms
  • TheBodyguard - Matt, Andromon
  • Sledmetodeath - Joe, Leomon, Ogremon
  • Cardwiz - Frigimon, Gomamon
  • Pinky75910 - Sora, Kari
  • GeminiStar00 - Mimi
  • Kai's Brother - Izzy, TK

Episodes Edit

There were technically 9 total episodes of Digimon Abridged. However, due to Kaikoshimoro's original account being suspended and a computer crash, episodes 1-7 were lost. The only episodes avilable to view are Episodes 8, 8.5, and 9.

Episodes Air Date
Episode 8 Apr 16, 2009
Episode 9 - You gotta give it up, give up the pie now May 8, 2009

Openings Edit

Boom by P.O.D-Made by Kaikoshimoro

Butterfly by Wada Kouiji-Made by The Late RaymsCreator, Current Opening

Running Gags Edit

  • "Thats What She Said"
  • Tai's flaws as a Leader
  • Pie
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