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December 26 2008 - december 29 2009




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"Digimon Campers Guide Rule #1 - It's your first day in Summer Camp, So be sure to make lots of new friends! (You need 'em)"


"Digimon Campers Guide Rule #10 – Always remember: Digivolving for the first time ALWAYS gives you enough strength to defeat an enemy no matter how strong they are!"


The abridged series of Digimon: Digital Monsters made by Sehanort. First planned to be a short parody series of the First Season of Digimon, it was later concluded that if Sehanort would ever attempt to make an abridged series of his own it would be Digimon and ONLY Digimon. Thanks to a youtube poop which had The trance mix of Kouji Wada's Butterfly, It reminded Sehanort of his first favorite anime that he watched, and the planning of an abridged series became possible. Some of the styles that Sehanort used in his other works such as a completely different storyline were used within this series while at the same time summarizing each episode to each important plot point.


The cast of the digidestined kids and their digimon are voiced by Sehanort. It was planned that some digimon would be voiced by different voice actors once they reach their Ultimate levels, and some of the other digimon are voiced by guest stars, but the vast of majority of characters are voiced by Sehanort. The voices that were given to the characters may be thought of to be offensive but in truth, Sehanort said "I simply gave them a voice."

Guest Stars:

In episode 2, several abridged series creators make cameos as voices on the other end of the Digital World payphones:

Episode List[]

The episode opening sequence was made by TehExorcist using Masaaki Endoh's version of "Butterfly" for the music.

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - From "Pokemon is awesome" to "Digimon

is Awesome"

December 26 2008
Episode 2 - The Power of Food! Champions can get one

word uncensored!

December 28 2008
Episode 3 - Seadragon and Firebird December 30 2008
Episode 4 - From a Factory to a Theme Park January 7 2009
Episode 5 - Grownup Joe January 25 2009
Episode 6 - The Lion, The Ogre, The Devil, The Kids,

and The Wardrobe

February 24 2009
Episode 7 - The Winter Wonderland Punch-Out! April 13 2009
Episode 8 - This Just Isn’t Her Day May 8 2009
Episode 9 - This Just Isn't His Day Jun 26 2009
Episode 10 - Save the Epicness For Last June 29 2009
Episode 11 - Digimon Best Western Jul 31, 2009
Episode 12 - Greymonicus Decimus Meridius December 29, 2009

Running Gags[]

  • Each of the first 10 episodes adds a new rule to the "Digimon Campers Guide"
  • "Hooomans"
  • Most of the digidestineds' rookie digimon sound similar to the versions from the dub, except that Gabumon (and later Garurumon) are voiced like Disney's Goofy.
  • digimon vs. digimon = good; kids vs. digimon = bad
  • Mimi's voice alternates between highpitched "kawaii~desu" and a deep-voiced baritone