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Devilman Manga Abridged Is an ongoing 5 episode mini series of the 1970s horror manga, created by DrFunk98, and co written by Eman Sdrawkcab.

The goal of the series is to embrace the goofiness of the original 1972 manga. While still retaining it's horror elements and serious tone. It's a series that's very much about it's characters. Both in how they interact with each other, but also how they think. Exploring a gradual loss of humanity, but also Ryo's there.


Akira Fudo and his childhood friend Miki Makimura, walk home from school one day. Until they're harrased by bullies from their school, Dosu-Roku, Ken, and Go. Miki smacks the shit out of them for a bit as Akira stands there jabbering. Until Ryo Asuke, another friend of Akira, arrives with a hunting riffle. Ryo requests Akira's company, informing him very uncaringly, about his fathers death.

Ryo then goes on to expose Akira to his late fathers research, and the existence of prehistoric beings known as "Demons." Akira is unsure what to think, until he and Ryo are chased by three demons. Their only way of escape is an underground room Ryo's built. When locked inside, Ryo pitches his plan to Akira, of merging with demons, like his father did. Proclaiming that they will survive solely on the basis that they are teenagers. Akira reluctantly agrees, not wanting him, Ryo, or his other loved ones, to die at the hand of the demons.

Upon going further down the underground room. Ryo reveals a party of people. Akira's relieved, thinking this was all a prank. But no.....no. Ryo's plan is to summon the demons, by creating a banging party. After the two get into it, Ryo stabs a woman. And the crowd turns on the two. That's when the demons start to merge with everyone, except Ryo and Akira. Akira runs off screaming, and is chosen for fusion. In Akira's state to survive, he overtakes the demon known as "Amon" and becomes Devilman.

Now Akira, Ryo, and Miki will have to face various demons, each more terrifying then the last. As they hunt after not only Devilman, but the entire world.


  • Jindusmer: Akira Fudo, Devilman, Rasber.
  • DrFunk98: Ryo Asuka, Satan, Zenon, Go, Tetsuya, Eader, Urutph, Medoc, Extras.
  • ELM/BumbleBri: Miki Makimura, Mrs. Kawamoto, Roku-Dosu
  • JobbyTheHong: Psycho Jenny.
  • Kuma Productions:Sirene.
  • Eman Sdrawkcab: Jinmen, Kensaku Makimura, Agwell, Ryo's father, Akira's father, Masstuff, Henry Kissinger, Extras.
  • Honey Dew: Mikiko Kawamoto, Sachiko, Akiko Makimura.
  • Haru: Kaim, Ghelmer, Ken, Aleda, Eader, Keiko.
  • Darkest_Lariet:Dosu-Roku.
  • Spooky Beef7:Masa Bokuto.
  • Fantastic Jtastic: Kozo Makimura.
  • JakeTheGoodman:Narrator, News Anchor, Sergent.
  • Dinglepoops:Rasber, Nixon, Extras.
  • Lane RushVA: Dr.Rainuma, Extras.
  • MishaMike:Susumu, Extras.
  • Tiffanychan123:Mrs.Fudo, Susumu's mother, Rebel bitch Goa.
  • Zann:THE AnimeHERO.
  • FoxFireFool: Hippie lady.
  • 3apples: Demon Ensemble.
  • Xwasp:Henry, Demon Ensemble.

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Devilman Manga Abridged episode 1 Jul 13, 2018
Devilman Manga Abridged episode 2 Mar 30, 2019
Devilman Manga Abridged Episode 3 Mar 14, 2020
Devilman Manga Abridged Episode 3.4 Feb 28, 2021
Devilman Manga Abridged Episode 4 May 29, 2021
Devilman Manga Abridged Episode 5 June 11, 2022


  • Episode 3 of the series is dedicated DrFunk's late grandmother. Who passed away 5 months prior to completion of the episode. Though unfortunately features an error on her date of birth.
  • Devilman Manga Abridged came about after the voice of Joseph Joestar and co writer for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Manga Abridged, Eman sdrawkcab. Was reading through the original series, (upon recommendation of DrFunk) and suggested the idea of abridging it. Combined with the sudden main stream interest garnered from the Devilman Crybaby adaptation, it seemed the best time to put it into motion.
  • The series logo is made up of 5 of the demon characters from the series. The D is Devilman, the E is Jinmen, the V is Sirene, the I is Ghelmer, and L is Zenon.
  • Portable, the original voice of Hierophant Green for DrFunk's other series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Manga Abridged. Was originally cast as the character Zenon. But unfortunately had to leave both projects, due to school work.
  • The thumbnails for the series are created (or based off ones) by Haru, the voice of Kaim.
  • Ryo was initially meant to be more of a crazed skeptic kind of character. Proposed by Eman as a "Flat earther, and round earther" all at once. But in the writing phase, these elements ended up getting forgotten. In it's place, Ryo's personality became that of a sleazy cars salesman.
  • Episode 3.4 is mostly made up of the scrapped, first half to Episode 3. Cut out for dragging out the episode a little.
  • Ryo's line of making the time travel adventure it's own thing, as opposed to including it in the middle of their other adventures. Is in reference to the release of the "Devilman Classic Collections VOL.1." In which the book includes the spin off "Shin Devilman." Alongside the original stories contents. Where being set before the final two acts of Devilman chronologically. It can feel disconnected.
  • Episode 4 is the first time since episode 1 that one of the main episode's of the series hasn't reached the 30 minute mark.
  • Episode 5, the finale. Was made to coincide with the franchise's 50th anniversary.