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An abridging of the 1990s/1980s Devilman OVA series from Dynamic Planning and Manga Entertainment. It is done by Chiissu who was inspired by Wedding Peach Abridged's less profane style of comedy and Berserk: The Abridged Series's edgy style comedy.

Devilman Abridged
File:Devilman abridged title.jpg
Created by Chiissu
Run March 13, 2009-June 02, 2009
Episodes 2+preview


After enjoying many abridged series, in 2008 after hearing that a guy at a local comic book shop had the uncut DVD's of the 70s Cutey Honey, Chiissu wanted to abridge it. Also after hearing Vegeta3986's Temari voice and noticing it sounded close to female, Chissu thought that a non-obviously fake female voice would be cool. But after finding that the guy with the DVD's didnt have all the episodes and that Toei had been removing videos off youtube, Chiissu decided not to abridge Cutey Honey(despite having half a script for the first episode done). Later, Chiissu remembered Devilman and how it was only 2 OVA's long thought it would be easy to abridge. After getting 2.30 minutes done in August, Chiissu was held up with a delay and couldn't work on it until January 2009. After getting the voices and editing done, the first Abridged OVA was posted on March 13 2009 and re-edited it with fixed errors and less pops. It was meant to be a 5 part series if the Violence Jack Abridged videos are to be counted and it will not include the Amon:the Apocalypse of Devilman OVA as Chiissu feels it detracts too far from the original manga.


The jokes of this series are somewhat esoteric with references to little known anime/manga such as Maoh Dante and Mad Bull 34. However there is also a good deal of innundo and implied S/M and sodomy/tentacle jokes. The jokes are not all gay for lack of creativity but rather for an attempt of a running gag thing. Sometimes flawed logic is used for innocent fun or intelligent humor is sometimes used (such as a Law&Order reference). Oddly enough, there are paintshopped images of anime girls made to look plus sized in both episodes as a sort of sight gag/running gag. Also, as Chiissu does not swear, there is no profanity in this series(but a few references to it such as Ryo saying c"l"ock f"l"ags). There are also times of "real dub lines" being used to joke about the bad dialouge in the UK dub. Also a slight parody of a fullly sung song was used for episode 2 as a joke about several things.


The voice's acting was done intentionally bad at times to poke fun at the english dub by Manga UK. They were all done by Chiissu as a kind of throwback to when abridged series were all done by one person's voicing. Most of the voices were based off of the dub voices from the Manga UK dub.

Programs Used[]

Chiissu uses Windows Movie Maker to show that a good video can be made with simple tools. The voices are recorded on the laptop's webcam/microphone and have high volume yet often a background buzz. The edited images of plus sized anime bishojo were done from screen caps of the animes and edited on paint.