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3/22/2008 - 2/6/2013






Currently, this version of Devil May Cry Abridged is one of the few series to finish the anime it was based on. However, because Devil May Cry is also a game, SonOfSparda13 continued the series using footage from the games, starting with Devil May Cry 3, because its time-line occurs before all the other games. Upon completing Devil May Cry 3, SonOfSparda13 continued on to abridge Devil May Cry 4, using one episode of this series to tell the story from DMC1 in the form of a flashback.

SonOfSparda13 has released a one-shot of DmC: Devil May Cry 5. He appears unlikely to continue abridging this installment of the series due to his general hatred of DmC 5, and a greater interest in other projects (such as work on a Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 Abridged Parody uploaded on youtube under the name SilentBrotagonist)


The production of Devil May Cry Abridged was slow going, because SonOfSparda13 is often forced to balance his personal life with his abridged series. There was one especially notable delay in production when his girlfriend was hospitalized in 2011, during which time he threatened to stop production of the series entirely. Fortunately for fans, he never made good on that threat, and continued with Devil May Cry Abridged.

Most of SonOfSparda13's work prior to DMC4 Abridged, Episode 5 was edited using Movie Maker and GIMP. He now uses Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects CS5.

A revised version of the first episode of the animated series, titled "The Re-Makening" was released about two-years after SonOfSparda13 completed the last episode of the Abridged Animated Series.


  • SonOfSparda13 - Dante, Patty, Nero, almost everyone else
  • KawaiiYamiNeko - Lady (1/2), Trish, side character (episode 3, 6, 7), Kyrie
  • DrunkenBarWench - side character (episode 5)
  • RyzelSama - Lady (2/2)
  • DrakeFerno - extra (DMC(4): episode 5)

Episode List[]

Devil May Cry: The Abridged Series[]

Follows the animated series released in 2007.

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 - Mission Intolerable Mar 22nd, 2008
Episode 2 - Speed Demon Mar 6th, 2008
Episode 3 - Love or Batman Mar 7th, 2008
Episode 4 - Devil May Catfight Mar 7th, 2008
Episode 5 - Agent Dante Apr 8th, 2008
Episode 6 - To Sell Your Soul For Rock And Roll Jun 2nd, 2008
Episode 7 - When You Wish Upon a Mask Jul 21st, 2008
Episode 8 - A Dante to the Past Jan 13th, 2009
Episode 9 - Card Games or Bust Nov 11th, 2008
Episode 10 - Two And A Half Demons Dec 9th, 2008
Episode 11 - Dante Must Die desu Jan 8th, 2009
Episode 12 - Dante Must Die Hard! Jan 15th, 2009
Episode 1 (Redux) - The Re-Makening Dec 23rd, 2010

Devil May Cry (3) The Abridged Series[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 - The Other Pilot Mar 5th, 2009
Episode 2 - Lost in Hell May 9th, 2009
Episode 3 - I'm Pale May 31st, 2009
Episode 4 - Twitch Jun 25th, 2009
Episode 5 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Beowulf Jul 25th, 2009
Episode 6 - Super Devil Fighter Alpha 3 Max II Turbo Dec 29th, 2009
Episode 7 - My Unfair Lady Mar 8th, 2010
Episode 8 - Dante Must Die Another Day (Part 1 Part 2) Jun 13th, 2010

Devil May Cry (4) The Abridged Series[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 - Hands Off, Buster Jun 26th, 2010
Episode 2 - I Hope You Have Castle Owner's Insurance Jul 4th, 2010
Episode 3 - Let My Sheeple Go! Aug 10th, 2010
Episode 4 - Nero vs. The World Jan 31st, 2011
Episode 5 - DMC1-Shot (Part 1 Part 2) Jul 21st, 2011
Episode 6 - Good Will Devil Hunting Sep 20th, 2012
Episode 7 - Livin' La Vita Nuovia Feb 6th, 2013

Extra Episodes[]

One-shot episodes made by SonOfSparda13 for Devil May Cry 2 and DmC: Devil May Cry 5.

Episode Air Date
OMFG! DMC2 ABRIDGED! LOL!!!!11!11!111!! Apr 1st, 2010
DmC:TaS Episode 1 - Inappropriately Touched

by an Angel

May 14th, 2013

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