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This article is about TeamDattebayo's Death Note abridged series.


Death Note Abridged was created by DirtyDan88 and Gmazca as Team Dattebayo.

There was a break in production when DirtyDan88 decided to leave the series. At first, the rest of Team Dattebayo waited to see if he would change his mind. Gmazca, one of the co-creators was then diagnosed with testicular cancer, further halting production. They then aired episode 9 with Lanipator taking over the roles filled by DirtyDan88. After that, DirtyDan88 decided to come back and returned to his roles in episode 10.

In early March of 2011, many episodes of the abridged series were taken down from Youtube and it was announced on the Team Dattebayo twitter that the creators were not sure if they would be continuing with the series. An attempt at a series reboot was made with a new version of Episode 1 being uploaded on November 1st, 2012, to new channel TeamDattebayoTM but this episode was also removed from Youtube, and there have been no updates since then.


The plot is pretty straight forward. Light Yagami finds a death note and decides to use it to kill off every other anime franchise so Death Note will be the only popular one. He also kills those that stand in his way including 4kids who want to censor the graphic violence in the entire show.

Most of the episodes were written together by DirtyDan88 and Gmazca, with the exception of episode 9 being written by Gmazca alone, and episodes were edited mainly by Gmazca. Characters voiced by DirtyDan88 included Light Yagami, Chief Yagami and Light's Mom, while characters voiced by Gmazca included L, Matsuda, Ryuk, Watari and Aizawa. As of episode 8 ITouchedYusuke joined the voice cast as Misa Amane and Rem. Episodes 13.5 and 14 include guest stars MasterWGS, Hbi2k, Takahata101, and KaiserNeko as members of the Yotsuba Group.

Opening and Ending Theme[]

The openings for most of the episodes are Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" set to footage from the original opening. Episode 1 uses "Death Note Theme" from the original soundtrack, Episode 3 utilizes a Law and Order opening, and Episode 7's opening is a 24 parody. The ending theme for most episodes is "Like a Stone" by Audioslave.

Episode List[]

Episodes of Team Dattebayo's Death Note Abridged

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1: Innocence: That Which is Lost Nov 16, 2007
Episode 2 Nov 23, 2007
Episode 3 Dec 12, 2007
Episode 4 Jan 22, 2008
Episode 5 Feb 5, 2008
Episode 6 Mar 15, 2008
Episode 7 Apr 12, 2008
Episode 8: You Smell Like My Candies Dec 31, 2008
Episode 9: W.T.F? Jun 7, 2009
Episode 10: The Return of DirtyDan Jun 15, 2009
Episode 11 Jul 7, 2009
Episode 12 Aug 22, 2009
Episode 13 Sep 12, 2009
Episode 13.5 N/A
Episode 14 Early 2010

Common Themes[]

  • Mike Gainer is mentioned quite a few times in this series. On the Task Force's new fake ID's; L introduces himself as Mike Gainer to Misa when they first meet; same with Chief Yagami. It also appears several times in the ending credits to episode 13.
  • Matsuda is often made fun of and, occasionally, accused of being Kira or some other evil entity. He has put the Chief in the hospital "more than once".
  • L insists that all cell phones are thrown away immediately after use

Killing Characters from Other Animes[]

In this version, the Death Note is used to kill anime characters. As a result, footage and occasionally audio from these anime have been included in episodes.

List of Anime Character deaths:

  • Episode 1 - Krillin (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Episode 2 - Goku (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Episode 4 - Zane and Bastion (YuGiOh GX)
  • Episode 5 - Greed (Full Metal Alchemist)
  • Episode 6 - Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged)
  • Episode 7 - Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged) & The Count (Gankutsuou)
  • Episode 10 - Alucard (voiced by Hbi2k) announces that Hellsing has been cancelled before any of the characters can be killed
  • Episode 11 - Seaman (Yu Yu Hakusho), Straw Hat Pirates (One Piece)
  • Episodes 12 - mentioned that there was an offscreen genocide of Pikachu (Pokemon)

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