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Death Note:the abridged series (often abbreviated to DNA or DN:tas) is a group project within the small voice acting group TAC Productions, uploaded to the account AwesomeChroniclesUK .

The series has had a shaky upload schedule, having over a year gap between episode 7 and episode 8 (with an episode 1 remake in between). It was effectively cancelled in early 2013 and revived in mid 2014 where it continues to air.

On December 31st 2012, the group's original account, 'tehawesomechronicles', was allegedly hacked. While the channel and videos remain untouched, the password and recovery email was changed, rendering it useless. This is supposedly one of the reasons why episode 8 took so long.

Season 2 seemed to have been originally planned to focus around Bane, Mogi and 'Kira' as seen in Episode 13, but was retconned by the release of Episode 13(2) in which the second half of the episode was replaced by more traditional DN:tas material. 


Rellik - Co-Founder, Director, Writer, Editor, Voice Actor

Jonateer - Co-Founder, Co-Writer, Voice Actor


The opening used for episode 1 (and the episode 1 remake) came from a short AMV of different clips of the show put together - the remake intro was very similar with minor details being changed - to the song of 'Dear Agony' by Breaking Benjamin. When the intro was quickly deemed too long and somewhat of a downer, is was changed to another, faster paced, AMV to the song of 'Shut Me Up' by Mindless Self Indulgence. While the opening itself has changed visually from AMV styled to featuring exclusively clips from the original show's opening and ending sequences, the song has remained the same.

The opening for the second season of DN:tas went through several different forms - originally, the song 'Dance With The Devil' by Breaking Benjamin was to be used but, with the scrapping of the original opening, it was changed to 'Stupid Mother F***er' by Mindless Self Indulgence. Since what editor Rellik deemed to be a 'decent looking intro' couldn't be formed from that song, the current season 2 opening of DN:tas is another sequence of clips from the shows openings and endings to the song 'Labyrinth' by Oomph!.


Current Characters[]

  • Rellik - Light Yagami, Ryuk, Soichiro Yagami
  • Jonateer - Mogi
  • MoonDreamofA - Misa Amane, Rem, Wedy
  • J0hnny0hm - Near
  • Sebastian Todd - Mello

Previous Characters[]

  • Jonateer - L
  • J0hnny0hm - Aiber, Midou, Jeff Yagami, Michael Caine, Watari several one-line characters
  • LittleNinja36 - Rem (formerly) 
  • BlitzFlare - Kira, Ooi, several one-line characters
  • Jacobi Wan-Kenobi - Bane, Easter Bunny, Fritzl
  • JakAndRatchetGuy - Namikawa, Kida, Hatori, Sadmuta
  • Evish232 - Higuchi, Takahashi, Batman, Jesus, several one-line characters
  • RisingPhoenix - Shimura
  • Noonanx09 (former member) - Raye Penber, Ide, Watari
  • AvariciousRJ (former member) - Jeff Yagami, Hitler, several one-line characters
  • RogueAngel0 (former member) - NPA Director, several one-line characters
  • ZDdoesMC (former member) - Hatori
  • ThatOneAbridger (former member) - Matsuda, Naomi, several one-line characters


Episodes Air Date
DN:tas - Episode 1 - Pilot Jul 5, 2012 (reuploaded Jan 1, 2013)
DN:tas - Episode 2 - Shut Up Matsuda Jul 25, 2012 (reuploaded Jan 3, 2013)
DN:tas - Episode 3 - The Brief Adventures of Raye Penber Aug 15, 2012 (reuploaded Jan 6, 2013)
DN:tas - Episode 4 - The Unorthodox Turkey Sep 8, 2012 (reuploaded Jan 8, 2013)
DN:tas - Episode 5 - Questions Oct 6, 2012 (reuploaded Jan 9, 2013)
DN:tas - Episode 6 - Tearing L Apart Nov 16, 2012 (reuploaded Jan 10, 2013)
DN:tas - Episode 7 - Tales of the Pusky Jan 11, 2013
DN:tas - Episode 1 Remake - Pilot With A Vegeance Aug 27, 2013
DN:tas - Episode 8 - Time Travelling Mexican May 26, 2014
DN:tas - Episode 9 - Legion of Doom Aug 1, 2014
DN:tas - Episode 10 - The Clightmax (Part 1) (Part 2) Sep 9, 2014
DN:tas - Episode 11 - Prepare Your-L-lves Feb 1, 2015
DN:tas - Episode 12 - New Busniess Ideas Mar 15, 2015
DN:tas - Episode 13 - Rise of the Hurribane

May 25, 2015

DN:tas - Episode 13(2) - On Second Thought Oct 22, 2015
DN:tas - Episode 14 - A Notable Death Dec 28, 2015


  • The creator of this terrible series is horribly embarrassed by it and is still getting asked about it. Please leave me him alone.

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