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Date-A-Live Abridged - Episode 3

Episode 3 of the series, and the ending of Tohka's arc.

Created by YoshinoVA
Run 2013-2015
Episodes 7 + 1 Redux
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Season II shorts theme song title

Date-A-Live Abridged was created by DinosaurcardsFTW, now under the username YoshinoVA .

The series itself has gone under a lot of work, among drama and other works, and has 2 Reduxs planned. The first Redux, Episode 1, was released during the beginning of 2015, after a 6 month delay.

Background & Information[]

The series itself was seemingly made from scratch, using mostly inane references and terrible jokes that almost didn't quite make sense. Mostly, it was created with the intent to make people laugh.

Before continuing on the series, during the 7 month break between Episode 5 and Episode 6, the entirety of Date-A-Live (from the LN, Manga, and Games) was used for research to further understand the characters to mock them.

Official Cast[]

Character(s) Current Voice Actor
Shidou Itsuka GaoGaiKingTheGreat
Tohka Yatogami ManicWednesdaysVA
Yoshino Kimiko Natsumi
Yoshinon, Yuzuru Yamai, Kaguya Yamai, Sir Isaac Westcott, Ellen Mirah Mathers, Kyouhei Kannaduki, Edgar YoshinoVA
Kurumi Tokisaki, Okame,  Mana Takamiya Ladelaida
Kotori Itsuka Dria-dono
Miku Izayoi StrawberrySana
Hirito (Hiroto) Tonomachi James Brown Jr. 
Origami Tobiichi, Reine Murasame Alifluro
Ryuuko Kusakabe LizLegendVA

Episode Listings[]

Episode Number Episode Title Date aired
1 "3 steps to begin the dating process" August 12th, 2013
2 "The day Tohka stood still.. for cats" September 21st, 2013
3 "Overly Obsessed Origami" December 14th, 2013
4 "Can Yoshinot do that?" May 4th, 2014
5 "Frozino" July 29th, 2014
1 Redux "Welcome to the Space Quake" January 17th, 2015
6 "Edgar edited this episode" April 5th, 2015(first upload)

April 19th, 2015 (Last Upload)

7 "Kurumi Fucks Everyone... Over." November 8th, 2015

Character Trivia[]

  • Shidou is 100% more oblivious in the abridged than his counterpart in the actual show.
  • Tohka has shown Yandere, Tsundere, and Deredere traits, but focuses mainly on Tsundere ones.
  • Origami's personality is based off the "Overly Obsessive Girlfriend" meme found on the internet. She gives off this trait anytime she's around Shidou.
  • Kurumi is shown with Yandere intentions, but is a blatant Yangire and is the only female not in love with Shidou.
  • Miku Izayoi is a parody on Tumblr SWJ's, constantly showing her immense hatred for men.
  • Ellen Mira Mathers is a servant version of Reine Murasame. There really isn't that much of a difference.
  • Hirito Tonomachi appears in Shidou's head whenever Shidou needs advice, but most of the time Shidou ignores the voice as a whole.

Trivia []

  • So far, each VA for Kotori has lasted only 2 episodes, with the exception of LeafyDubs, who is the final voice actress for Kotori.
  • Date-A-Live Abridged Episode 5 is primarily built around Frozen references, since Yoshino pretty much freezes the entire city. 
  • Episode 6 featured the debut of Edgar, who didn't exist in the original series. The reason behind this being that "Edgar"'s real name was never revealed in either season of Date-A-Live.


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