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Darkshitsuji is an Abridger of Black Butler The abridged series


Darkshitsuji has been in and out of the abridging community as a go between critque and Fan of most abridged series he watches. He is a newcomer with little experence. He started with a Dragonballz abridged series which ended in Failure and had lost interest in abridging. When he met xLight09x It changed his world as he met new people and started branching out. His first Real voicing gig with with xLight09x additional character that was killed and later As Johnnanes From Aquirion abridged. Darkshitsuji is Credited as Blackbutlerabridger as well. Darkshitsuji Started Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler Abridged when His fallen out with his girlfriend was at an end and He was currently watching the series and he would minic Sebastian's voice on the phone. Darkshitsuji Offered roles to Midnightdevont, CanadianJutsu, and xLight09x to be casted but there was Drama and xLight09x only wanted to be credited to having his opening for the series and judge Darkshitsuji's scripts. The fallen out with xlight09x Caused a replacement offer for his character and Darkshitsuji hasn't been in anything. In return, Darkshitsuji Replaced his cast member who would Play Ciel with His replacemnt in xlight09x's abridged series. RogueAbridged has stayed strong as being Ciel. A failed editing job episode cause an uproar of the Youtube fans causing a Remake to ensue. While making the failed episode one many of the Cast had changed due to a Haitus and miscommunication. CanadianJutsu Role as Bard was replaced By Williamdorf. MidnightDevont after doing 07 Ghost abridged tried to do a different male take as she was casted as Finnian. Darkshitsuji is close to his Cast members. In the Remake episode 1, Crimsonteardemon is Casted as being Grell and Williamdorf from episode 2 and onward.

Darkshitsuji is Taking on a Project called "Butler Etiquettes and Questions" where he will be Answer Fan Related Question on Kuroshitsuji or Butlering it self and fan pleassuring question. Darkshitsuji is Not afraid to Take on Fanserves roles for His character Sebastian nicknamed Sebby from Kuroshitsuji.

Projects Darkshitsuji has been in[]

  • Peacemaker Kurogane- Additional Character
  • Dragonbalz tas by Anjinofthe7flames- Goku,piccolo,radtiz, Majin Buu
  • Black Butler Abridged -Sebastian Michealis, editor, co writter

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