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Darker Than Black the Abridged Series Titlecard

Darker Than Black the Abridged Series is an abridged series produced by Shikaban3 Productions, started in  March 2012 but dying sometime before 2013.


Before Shikaban3 has picked up Darker Than Black to make an abridged series out of it, there has been attempts before at an abridged version; however, they have all been one shot videos.

Shikaban3 met LittleKuriboh at an anime convention and from their meeting, he became influenced to run his own abridged series and choose Darker Than Black for his project.

A few days after the convention, Shikaban3 released a promotional video and a sneak peek clip on YouTube through his brand new channel, Shikaban3Productions. One month later the pilot episode premiered on the same site featuring seven minute and twenty-eight second video with only dialogue and a few seconds worth of soundtrack which was used for the title sequence. This proved as homage to LittleKuriboh's style in his Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.

A second episode is currently in production that will conclude the story running from the first episode.


At the beginning of every episode, there is a disclaimer of ownership of the series as that Darker Than Black is currently owned by Aniplex and Funimation. The second half of the disclaimer will end in a joke provoking the viewers.

The title sequence features only the series' title card and an electronic soundtrack. The sequence beings with a white flash in and ends with a white flash out.

At the end of every episode, there is satirical text for the viewer to read and then a black space. Following afterwards is the name of Shikaban3 Productions with dialogue. The dialogue used is Shikaban3 voicing as Li and Hei saying, "Eosophobia," and "The fear of dawn," respectively. This serves as the calling card for Shikaban3 in his videos.