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Darker Than Black Hyperabridged is an abridged series of the Darker Than Black anime. The series is written and edited by eagle8burger. The episodes are all under six minutes in length, with early episodes running under three minutes, therefore cutting out large portions of the plot and condensing multiple episodes in favor of quick pacing.

Although eagle8burger voiced the large majority of characters in the first several episodes, the series' cast has been rapidly expanding, with eagle8burger giving roles he originated to other voice actors. Most notably, the female characters previously voiced by him were given to female voice actors, including codeblackhayate and TechnoVA.



  • eagle8burger – Hei, Chad, Huang, Jean, Mao, Kouno, Saitou, Matsumoto, Havoc, Horai, Luc, Kurusawa, Alice Wang, Bertha, Yin (1/2), Kirihara (1/2)
  • CheesenQuackersVA – Amber, Kiko
  • codeblackhayate – Yin (2/2)
  • TechnoVA – Kirihara (2/2)
  • lorenzoponcedeleon – Huang (2/2)
  • mattroks101 – Chief Inspector, Teacher (ep. 7)



Theme song[]

The theme song is only a few seconds long, and consists of Hei growling "Nananananananana MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" in the vain of the Batman TV show's opening theme song. His voice resembles Christian Bale's Batman. This voice is also used throughout the series when Hei dawns his mask.


The disclaimer is never read in its entirety, and only stays on screen for a few seconds. In the second episode, Hei interrupts the disclaimer, yelling "I hate disclaimers!" This joke comes full circle at the end, when he interrupts a repeated CSI: Miami reference with "I hate running gags!"[1] In the eighth episode, the disclaimer is interrupted after "non-profit" by a narrator yelling "Patreon!", a jab at the recent influx of abridgers using Patreon to make money off of their parodies.[2]


Numerous shots in every episode are sped up considerably, in order to keep the frantic pace of the series intact. Action scenes take a fraction of the time they do in the original series. Also, numerous plot details have been removed, altered, or in some cases, both.

Episode List[]

Thumbnail Episode Title Release date Watch
DTBHA1 1 "Bitches Love Non-Cannons" June 22, 2013 Link
DTBHA2 2 "Abridge to Nowhere" July 28, 2013 Link
DTBHA3 3 "Chadventure Time" August 27, 2013 Link
DTBHA4 4 "Murder Hei Wrote" November 8, 2013 Link
DTBHA5 5 "Abra Cadaver" December 30, 2013 Link
DTBHA6 6 "What the Hell's Gate?" June 24, 2014 Link
DTBHA7 7 "Yin Pilgrim vs. the World" August 10, 2014 Link
DTBHA8 8 "Much Chad Do About Nothing" January 31, 2015 Link
DTBHA9 9 "Great Ex-Pectations" January 21, 2016 Link

Ongoing jokes[]

  • Hei hates Coldplay, gets their songs stuck in his head, and will kill people for liking them or getting their songs stuck in his head.
    • In the series' eighth episode, the reasoning for Hei's hatred of the band was revealed. Amber, his ex-girlfriend, ended their relationship at a Coldplay concert, and he has associated the band as the cause of that event ever since.[2]
  • Hei starts making a pun, puts on sunglasses, and finishes it. The beginning of "Won't Get Fooled Again" by the Who plays, in reference to the opening of CSI: Miami.[1]
    • This joke is only made twice, as Hei interrupts the song the second time, yelling "I hate running gags!"


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