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Darker Than Black Abridged is the title of TheAwesomeDarkNinja's abridged series based on the Darker than Black anime.

Darker Than Black Abridged is a direct parody focused on various characters and plotlines that are corruptions based off of the original source material.

Origins of concepts and lore originate from the localized FUNimation English Dub and draws from aspects not only from Darker than Black, but also from it's sequel series - Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor.


  • (x / x) means that character has been voiced by different people
  • Name means an important/major recurring character
Cast Member Characters
TheAwesomeDarkNinja Hei/Li Shengshun, Huang, Misaki Kirihara, Yuusuke Saito, Oyama Misuzu, Louis, Chiaki Shinoda, Jean, Alan, "Jumal"
GuitArchon Mao
Sakiseshy Yin
VincentPlusTwo Yutaka Kouno
lordscarrr Kunio Matsumoto

Also Featuring[]

  • Legogirl11 as Otsuka Mayu (ep. 1 only)
  • Artosai as Kozo Tahara
  • Pandoraherselfas Mai Kashiwagi
  • AssaultSloth as Luke
  • Yuoaman as Kenneth
  • Alifluro as 'Mai's Friend'
  • LionheartedRebel as Otsuka Mayu (ep. 4 onward)


Theme songs and eyecatches[]

TheAwesomeDarkNinja's Darker Than Black Abridged uses a shortened version of "Burn It to the Ground" by Nickelback, as the opening theme.


In the original uploads of the first two episodes, there was no disclaimer. However, due to copyright strikes, at the beginning of every single episode (including re-uploads of the first two episodes), there is a disclaimer that says "The following is a non-profit fan-based parody. Darker than Black is owned by Funimation, Aniplex, BONES, and Tensai Okamura. Please support the official release." Due to dislike of fan-based parody warnings, it was shortened to "Non-Profit. Fan-Based. Official Release. We're done." after Episode 3.


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Ongoing Jokes[]

  • It is pointed out in every single episode at some point, that Hei is of Jewish ethnicity.
    • Episode 2: Hei states that not only is he Jewish, but his religion is indeed Judaism.
    • Episode 4: Hei replies to Luke's evaluation of him saying that he cannot be both tall and Jewish.
    • In the short entitled "Where Have You Been?", Hei claims he puts the "Jew" in Jugitsu.
  • Various references to 'Damn Huang', a song parody of "Sexy Bitch," by David Guetta.
  • Despite being a "secret" organization, The Syndicate actually has a public presence.
    • Episode 2: Kirihara listens to "Syndicate Satellite Radio".
  • Hei complaining about the frailty of the Black Reaper masks.
    • Episode 4: Hei points out how odd it was for his mask to break, and specifying that they need to be built stronger in the future.
  • Misuzu always answers her door by saying "The hell do you want?"
  • The husband of Misuzu's dialogue consists of audio bits from Marvel movie Stan Lee cameos.

Differences from the original series[]

  • Chiaki is a robot known as a "Chiaki Bot" compared to being a Doll.
  • Hei is actually ambushed by Jean's group compared to baiting them.
    • This is later evidenced by Huang who failed to assist Hei due to stopping for lunch.

Movies and Specials[]

DTBA Shorts - Halloween Special


  • The show was actually planned out long before it's release in late 2010.
    • The original plan was to make a parody of the second season of Darker than Black since there was "more to work with". After a while, TheAwesomeDarkNinja and his co-writer made the decision that it was better if they just made the first season instead.
      • Because of this, Hei's personality reflects that of the second season portrayal in the actual source material.
  • The show has went through many problems before releasing. Examples being a computer crash and total data loss, up to three voice actresses quitting before recording, and creating a first episode that was deemed as "terrible" and scrapped.
  • The voices used in the parody are supposed to loosely mirror that of the Funimation official dub.
  • Hei always reads the opening disclaimer regardless of episode.
    • After Episode 3, Hei's dialogue was shortened to "Non-Profit. Fan-Based. Official release. We're done." due to wanting to spend as little time on the disclaimer as possible.
  • The opening song for the abridged series is "We're Going Out Tonight" by Nickelback. The opening intro audio cut is a rip from WWE's Monday Night Raw 2011 opening.
    • Originally the opening was going to be "Howling" by Abingdon Boys School but was changed due to wanting originality as the only other Darker than Black Abridged Series at the time was using that as their opening.
  • There are plans to have guest VA's for every pair of episodes that are released. The first guests were Pandoraherself and AssaultSloth who played the first "characters of the day" with Mai and Luke.
  • Chiaki's personality was heavily changed in the second episode in order to differentiate the episode as far from the first episode as possible, which was deemed horrendous by the creator.
    • TheAwesomeDarkNinja states there are plans to remake the first episode but only after the script is "flawless" in his mind.
  • The "Omake" ending for episode 4 where Mao's voice actor sings "The Kitty Kat Dance" was recorded as a vocal warm up and was not in the script at all.

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