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Danganronpa Abridged Thing (DRAT for short) was created by Faulerro, who also created Nullmetal Alchemist. There are currently six episodes of Danganronpa Abridged Thing as well as a "Meet the Students" special and abridged shorts of Danganronpa 2 (aka "Double DRAT") and Danganronpa 3.

Faulerro later said that he would not continue Dangan Ronpa Abridged Thing (or any of his abridged series projects) due to them causing him stress. The series was also taken down by copyright strikes, but it was later re-uploaded.

The Students[]

DRAT cast

The cast of Dangan Ronpa (from left to right, staring with the top row) Yasuhiro Hagakure, Junko Enoshima, Celestia Ludenberg, Sakura Oogami, Hifumi Yamada, Mondo Oowada, Chihiro Fujisaki, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Byakuya Togami, Touko Fukawa, Leon Kuwata, Sayaka Maizono, Makoto Naegi, Kyouko Kirigiri, Aoi Asahina, Monokuma.

Makoto Naegi: Voiced by Faulerro. In the abridged and regular series, Naegi defines himself as 'average', though, in the abridged series, Naegi is annoyed with his Super Duper High School title. It goes from "Good Luck" (which Naegi describes as stupid and inaccurate), to "Average Joe", to "Screams-Like-A-Bitch". He is the only one who thinks it's weird that everyone's blood is pink. During episode four, it is revealed that he has been trying to search nude photos of Maizono as well as pictures of girls with cup noodles on their heads. Faulerro has confirmed that Naegi has a cup noodle fetish.

Sayaka Maizono: Voiced by Sydsnap.  Her title is "Super Duper High School B-List Celebrity". Maizono is described to be "mind bendingly annoying", possibly due to her tendency to speak weeaboo (even though she's Japanese). Naegi is the only one out of the students who can tolerate her. It is also confirmed that there are nudes of her circulating on the internet, but no one has found them yet.

Leon Kuwata: Voiced by Xthedarkone. He has the title "Super Duper High School Jock." His personality is similar to the one he had in the original series, albeit much more stupid.

Celestia Ludenberg: Voiced by SerenaMidori. Celestia ("Celeste" for short) has the title "Super Duper High School Hellspawn." She is believed to be a "bloody demonic creature from the depths of hell itself". In the middle of speaking, she will often cut out mid-sentence and begin speaking in a demonic voice, then immediately switch back to speaking in her normal voice as if nothing had happened. During the third trial, it is revealed that she is actually a demon who was spawned in Hell and that Celestia Ludenberg is a fake name. Her real name is Thebumphor, with the title "Super Duper Hell School Actual Demon". She also hates the catchphrase-shouting of multiple students, most notably Asahina and Ishimaru.

Byakuya Togami: Voiced by Faulerro. Togami is very befitting of his SDHS title, "Super Duper High School Prick". He often refers to himself in the third person and will occasionally break the fourth wall. He cares nothing about his fellow students and views their entire situation as "a game." Celeste agrees with this idea, as she does most of the comments that Togami makes. Naegi points this out and states that the two should just get married. Asahina ships it as well. Togami doesn't know how to turn on a computer, a fact pointed out by Kirigiri. It is also revealed by Oowada (unintentionally) that he is a fan of murder mystery porn. He denies this fact though it is blatantly obvious.

Kyouko Kirigiri: Voiced by Megami33. As stated on Faulerro's tumblr, Kirigiri's personality is similar to that of her regular personality, though somewhat more emo, giving her the title of "Super Duper High School Mystery Chick." She's the only one who looks at the crime scenes for longer than 5 seconds and is therefore the only one who is able to figure out who the killers are before the trials even begin.

Chihiro Fujisaki: Voiced by MasakoX. Fujisaki has the title "Super Duper High School Totally-a-Chick". This is because despite having the appearance of a female, Fujisaki is actually a male. This fact is used to make fun of Tumblr and SJW rhetoric, as Monokuma refuses to talk about it and Kirigiri dodges the subject during the second class trial.

Alter Ego: Voiced by MasakoX. Alter Ego is an Artifical Intelligence program created by Chihiro Fujisaki. Its language is set to "Maizono," so it speaks fluent weeaboo just like Maizono did. Alter Ego also contains a program resembling Mondo Owada.

Junko Enoshima: Voiced by EileMonty. She has the title "Super Duper High School Airhead." She speaks like a stereotypical dumb blonde, using the word "like" several times per sentence.

Hifumi Yamada: Voiced by Faulerro. Yamada has the title "Super Duper High School Dork Supreme." He enjoys video games and refuses to associate with anyone who does not.

Aoi Asahina: Voiced by Lady Nanaki. She has the title "Super Duper High School Donut Nut." Nothing means more to her than donuts. In fact, most of her lines of dialogue end up having something to do with donuts.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru: Voiced by Faulerro. He has the title "Super Duper High School Hardass." He often comments on whether something is or is not "WELCOME IN A SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT!" He also gets aroused by hearing people debate. As of Episode 5, he becomes Kiyondo Ishida and takes a Super Saiyan-esque form.

Sakura Oogami: Voiced by Faulerro. She is given the title "Super Duper High School Beefcake." She talks in a very masculine voice and is obsessed with the "battlefield."

Mondo Oowada: Voiced by Faulerro. He has the title "Super Duper High School Needless Violence." His answer to everything is to just hit it a bunch. He also frequently uses the word "bro."

Touko Fukawa: Voiced by Jacksthemouse. She has the title "Super Duper High School Shut-in." She speaks with a stutter. She acts like an average Tumblr social justice blogger, with all the man-hating you'd expect. When she faints she becomes Genocider Syo.

Genocider Syo: Voiced by Jacksthemouse. Genocider Syo is the serial killer alternate personality of Touko Fukawa, with the title "Super Duper High School Stabby McMurder." She speaks with a British accent. When she sneezes, she reverts back to her personality as Fukawa.

Yasuhiro Hagakure: Voiced by Faulerro. He has the title "Super Duper High School Bum." A recurring gag within the series is that no one cares about his opinions or ideas, and is often reprimanded for his stupidity.


Monokuma: Voiced by Faulerro. Monokuma is a stuffed bear who is the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy and also the antagonist of the series. He refers to the students by nicknames that he gives them (Naegi is "Hoodie", Togami is "Four-Eyes", etc). He also enjoys telling bear puns.

Greg: Voiced by Faulerro. Greg is the narrator of sorts for the 'meet the students' special. He also makes a brief appearance in the English commercial parody.

Jin Kirigiri: Voiced by LittleKuriboh. Jin is Kyouko's father and the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy during the Despair Arc.

Danganronpa 2 students[]

Hajime Hinata: Voiced by Faulerro.

Nagito Komaeda: Voiced by Faulerro. Appears at the end of "Meet the Students" after hearing Greg say "hope." Greg doesn't take kindly to this.

Gundam Tanaka/Dark Magician Tanaka: Voiced by Faulerro.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: Voiced by Faulerro.

Izuru Kamukura: Voiced by Faulerro.

Hiyoko Saionji: Voiced by Sydsnap.

Mahiru Koizumi: Voiced by Kage-Ichihashi.

Sonia Nevermind: Voiced by SerenaMidori.

Mikan Tsumiki: Voiced by RedAsATomato.

Nekomaru Nidai: Voiced by Dizzasta.

Teruteru Hanamura: Voiced by GameBuddy.

Akane Owari: Voiced by Mystic Pyro Freak.

Kazuichi Soda: Voiced by KaggyFilms.

Ibuki Mioda: Voiced by xbubblemunkyx.

Peko Pekoyama: Voiced by KrookedGlasses.

Ryota Mitarai(?): Voiced by BuddyVA.

Chiaki Nanami: Voiced by Kiane Chula King.

Future Foundation Members[]

Chisa Yukizome: Voiced by Mystic Pyro Freak.

Juzo Sakakura: Voiced by CyberLink420.

Koichi Kizakura: Voiced by DiGi Valentine.

Ongoing Jokes[]

  • Leon getting cut off mid-sentence, usually by Asahina
  • Togami saying "Tell them Naegi" a lot.
  • Characters pointing out how short the investigation scenes are
  • The students constantly have to point out that they're Japanese
  • Hagakure getting sharp objects thrown at him during class trials
  • Monokuma commenting "Nice butt!" whenever he has a good view of a student's butt through the security cameras
  • Ishimaru constantly saying what is and isn't welcome in a "school environment"
  • No one ever cares what Hagakure has to say
  • Jokes about PC culture, most often involving Fukawa or Fujisaki.
  • Naegi saying "Yamada no." when Yamada does or says something he doesn't like.
  • Togami calling the investigations a "game", and, apparently, getting off on it.
  • Celestia's voice turning demonic and threatening the students lives at random points.

Episode List[]

Chapter 00 Air Date
Episode 1: Shooty Refutey Sep 2, 2013
SPECIAL #1: Meet The Students Sep 29, 2013
Chapter 01: Weeaboos and Weenies

(ab)normal nonsense

Air Date
Episode 2: Don't Weeb Me Alone Tonight Oct 25, 2013
Episode 3: Much Aho About Nothing Dec 21, 2013
Chapter 02: Game of Toges

blooming bromance

Air Date
Episode 4: The Super Genocider Syo Super Show Feb 28, 2014
Chapter 03: Neon Genesis School Environment

legend of the golden bitch

Air Date
Episode 5: Artificial Waifu July 13, 2014
Episode 6: The Devil Is a Grandfather Nov 28, 2014

Danganronpa 3 Abridged Thing[]

In July 2016, Faulerro began making abridged shorts of Danganronpa 3, while the series was airing. Although these shorts are his first abridged content since Higurashi When They Cry Abridged, he has stated that he does not plan to make a full abridged series for Danganronpa 3, nor has he stated any plans to continue the original DRAT series.

Episode List[]

Title Air Date
DRAT to the Future July 20, 2016
The End of Hope's Peak Aug 30, 2016
Komaeda's Got a Gun Sep 9, 2016
Meet the SDR2dents Oct 21, 2016
Bits and Pieces Oct 25, 2016

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