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Started Abridging

December 2011


The DancingMonkeyTeam (DancingMonkeyPDTV) was originally created on the fly starting with SonCurran and RadioKhmerSitya in December 2011. Curran wanted to start abridging, taking inspirations from existing abridgers already in the biz.

    • Note, this was mostly written on Curran's shoulder of view, since he does not know of all the events of other cast members.**

History Novel[]

The Beginning[]

Starting off with Curran and Sitya, the team originally built off of the idea of abridging Code Lyoko. Seeing as the series would be very difficult to edit and write for mostly due to the CGI content in the show. Curran decided to abridge Bamboo Blade instead. He originally saw Bamboo Blade while renting the anime from a store called Hastings. He almost forgot all about the anime, as he had nothing else on his mind, but remembered that he actually liked Bamboo Blade.

December 13th, 2011: One day while at school, after Curran had messaged people on YouTube to find voiceover work from Abridgers, he got a skype call from a guy by the name of DarkPrince, who at the time was doing an Inuyasha Abridged. DarkPrince would proceed to cast him as Jaken. Dark then added Curran to a voice chat with another cast member by the name of RyuoEndo...who later became MaitreBenoit...and eventually TheFuchsiaFox, who would later play Sensei KOJIRO! He would then change his name multiple times. He is now DUSK (2018) on YouTube. In Bamboo Blade Abridged. TheFuchsiaFox requested that he wanted to play the sensei, so he was automatically casted without an audition. He was then the third member of what is now, the DancingMonkeyTeam.

After losing interest rather quickly in DarkPrince's Inuyasha Abridged (about 2 days), Curran again set out to find voiceover work, in order to gain experience as a beginner voice actor, having no previous voice works behind him. It was then, December 15th, 2011 when he looked up Kingdom Hearts Abridged, and stumbled upon a few of them who needed voice overs. The person who responded the next day was no other than, Kimmy13r/Devil's Angel, an AMV creator, and amateur voice actor. It was exactly her 14th birthday when the two got into a voice chat, and Curran auditioned for her abridged series. Curran then mentioned to her that he was making a Bamboo Blade Abridged series, and thought she would be perfect for the role of Kirino Chiba.

The Starting of DancingMonkeyPDTV[]

After that encounter, Curran's mind just clicked, and then started working on the team's name and logo, as well as a group chat for plans to be made. The chat then had TheFuchsiaFox, RadioKhmerSitya, Kimmy13r, and SonCurran of course. The next day, as plans were made for Bamboo Blade, there would be a group call between all the members so far. Kimmy13r, being the only girl in the chat, adds a friend to the chat by the name of Rhi~Chan/X1xSakuraYukkix7X. After that, Curran and Vatthana would start to create ideas for the script for Bamboo Blade Abridged. The team started going over the script, and since there were only 4 members at the time, the cast usually went over the script playing as multiple characters.

There were more characters who needed voices actors, so Curran decided to add LilBizi, to play as Nakata, and his friend Gage to play Ishibashi. This lasted about a week, but it appeared that both were very busy and could not keep up with the group. Curran had taken over the role of Nakata, only for episode one at the time. Curran had casted Emily Boulware to play Tamaki, but she had never showed up or participated with the group in anyway. Curran had replaced her for the role as Tamaki, but as permanant, since he found doing a girl voice was fun.

The series still had plenty of room for more voice actors, and TheFuchsiaFox decided to add a friend of his who went to the same school as him. He would be called UltimateGamerist/Cody. He took over the role as Ishibashi, thus the "Screamo Artist" line said by Kojiro to Ishibashi was still in the final script of Bamboo Blade Abridged episode 1, applying that Gage is a screamo artist. Rhi~Chan then added King Hezekiah/XKuroiXMasayoshiX to the group a few days after. He would get the role of Tamaki's Father, due to his manly man voice. Curran's friend Ryan from school was then added to the group to play Iwasa, but due to the lack of participation, he was replaced by NinjaHeart100. CarbonKirby was added in by TheFuchsiaFox to play Donny. Sa~Chan was then added moments after he was. RadioKhmerSitya, who was on the team the whole time would play Donny's girlfriend Miya Miya.

And Here's Where it Really Begins! Finalizing[]

It was time to start dubbing Bamboo Blade Abridged. It was February 2012, and all the cast members started having one on one recording sessions with Curran. Kimmy13r, at this point had create a pretty intro for BBA. Meanwhile, CarbonKirby prefered to do voice overs alone. Eventually, he did not get along with the rest of the members of the team, so Curran was forced to find someone else as a replacement. Curran turned to YouTuber, ToonDubz to see if he'd accept the role as Donny for Bamboo Blade Abridged. He was not able too, but he suggested 4 voiceactors he highly recommended for the part. Curran chose two voice actors from the selection, them being ReverseSoda and SliceOfDog. Curran emailed both of them, telling them he needed lines for Donny ASAP. ReverseSoda was able to finish the lines first, and showed the to Curran. He was very impressed with the voice, which captured Donny's personel quite nicely. He did not regret casting Soda for the role. Curran would then decide that SliceOfDog could play a Nakata, but definitely a good Toyama, due to his sexy voice.

Bamboo Blade Abridged episode 1 one was completed on March 15, 2012 due to the wait on lines, and character replacements. The team went really strong after this point. About a month after, tweaking up the comedy for a second episode of BBA. Curran then told SliceOfDog that he wanted to keep the role as Nakata, seeing that SliceOfDog's voice was too awesome to be the butt of jokes. So he was then just casted as Toyama for episode 2. Scripting for episode 2 had proceeded. And it was done by late May 2012.

The Long Haul[]

This period of the DancingMonkeyTeam takes place from June 2012 - August 2012. By this time, Curran was also preparing to meet TheFuchsiaFox to go to A-Kon 23, an Anime Convention hosted in Dallas, TX early June. Also around this time, dubbing for BBA episode 2 was taking place and the brand new Bamboo Blade Abridged website was created by Kimmy13r. Curran was excited to hear the new characters voices after the hype of the first episode.

The team continues to stay hype patiently waiting for the release of Bamboo Blade Abridged episode 2. It was a very long process for Curran, as Sony Vegas would become Corrupt, and he would start his work all over (backups were duds also) at least 3 times, before finally giving the project over to Kimmy13r/Devil's Angel after he got back from his vacation in Florida (July 2012). Her and Curran would switch back and forth working on the video, until the episode looked seemless. Episode 2 was finally uploaded on August 21st, 2012. The cast members of the team stayed exactly the same from the release of the first episode.

New Changes[]

After the release of BBA episode 2, scripting began immediately started, and the team started to get more involved with other team's abridged series. The6SeptaG has been added to the cast to play some characters. More characters were to be introduced for episode 3 of BBA. By this time, Curran was going to school and had a full time job at a Cellphone factory. He would also take the time he had in the evenings and nights to edit episode 3, resulting in very little sleep, and high levels of stress the team was not aware of at the time. Two more members were added to the team. Imoristar (Mokey~Chan) was added in by Kimmy13r during their usual voice chats on Skype, astounded by her singing ability. Mokey then joined the call with the rest of the group, and she brought her friend Utsu/DigitalxKeyblade, another amazing Youtaite to the call as well. They were then casted for roles for episode 3. Curran had also started singing as influenced by Mokey and Utsu, and began to sing with Kimmy13r who he found out also had a very rich voice.

Curran then quit his job as a Cellphone man, and decided to 'Emergency Edit' BBA episode 3, a slogan he's used since episode 2 of BBA since it was so late. Episode 3 was then uploaded on October 28th, 2012, a little over two months from episode 2. A record of speed in DMT history. Episode 3 was considered the greatest BBA episode at the time and received some praise, along with the most grueling comments from other abridging critics. The days go on with no ideas for BBA episode 4. A month later, Cody/UltimateGamerist reveal an interested in the Claymore anime. He suggested that the team would do a series called Claymore Unserious. An abridged parody of Claymore, making it completely opposite of its serious nature. Casting on the go was mostly the style he took for this series. The6SeptaG would star as Raki, and Kimmy13r would play Clare as they are the two main protagonists of this series. At the end of November, after the script and dubbing began for Claymore Unserious episode 1.

Part of the team, mostly Mokey, Kimmy13r, Utsu, and Curran was working on music through November 2012 - December 2012. The DMT released a Christmas album on the 23rd of that month.

TheFuchsiaFox had resigned from the group due to personal issues and his problems with school. Around this time, it has been a year since the start of DancingMonkeyPDTV. The team needed to find a new voice actor for that part, which was a HUGE role. Curran, along with Kimmy13r and Utsu were added to a random chat full of random other voice actors and abridgers, at least 100 of them by The6SeptaG. The group was then narrowed down to about 10 people, and was then called OneForAllMedia. Kimmy13r and Utsu were no longer in the chat, but Curran stayed. There he met SD2Productions on December 31st, 2012, who then took on the role of KOJIRO! replacing TheFuchsiaFox from Episode 4 to the present. The team has come so far and so good.

2013, 13 Being a Lucky Number?

The start of a new year has risen up on the team, with a new voice actor for Kojiro for starters, the team was still going strong, and things were looking up. Curran started to edit Claymore Unserious episode 1, as BBA was put on hiatus. He ditched Sony Vegas and went to Final Cut Pro X, so he could edit faster. Claymore was then uploaded to YouTube on February 5th, 2013. The pacing was much different of that of Bamboo Blade's, and Curran was honored to try out a new way edit for UltimateGamerist's different style of writing. The episode was a success gaining more than 100 views in one night.

After the release of the first episode of Claymore, the group focused on Bamboo Blade Abridged once again. The members on the team had aquired better mics for episode 4 of BBA. ReverseSoda started a Side Story series for BBA, featuring Donny and Sakaguchi which he voiced, along with a few other characters. The series was planned to continue, however it did not.

In March, the Bamboo Blade Abridged trailer was released as a promotion for episode 4 after a long hiatus from episode 3. The trailer included scenes from episodes 1-4 of BBA, and was narrated by PsnYomi133.

You Raise Me Up, and I Fall Down, Come Back Stronger, Plummet Even Harder[]

This period lasted from April 2013 - December 2013. Depression started hitting the group, and it seemed that the group started to become inactive. The scripting for Bamboo Blade Abridged episode 4 was completed in mid early March. All that was left to do was to dub the lines. Due to the slant in the team, it was noticeably longer to receive lines from everyone. Curran was anxious to see SD2Productions take the role as Kojiro. A little after Claymore was released, TheFuchsiaFox returned to the group chat, asking to reclaim his role for Kojiro, but was told by the team that he was already succeeded by SD2Productions.

Curran started to lose interest in video editing at the time because of the what was going on, he had very little motivation. Bamboo Blade Abridged episode 4 was released on April 22nd, 2013. It was a '420' episode and was 2 days late of the initial release date. This episode had brought back the motivation into the team for a good while, even through mid May.

In around middle of May, the pressure of final exams reached the surface, creating more stress and anxiety for the team. Curran went to A-Kon 24, alone this year, which didn't make his situation better. He didn't even want to go see TeamFourStar, even though he greeted them at lunch before they had their panel. Then he became very upset at how he thought the chat was 'dead.' Curran was also working way too many projects at one time it was said by the team, resulting him to burn out. He thought if he had more help with video editing, it would get the weight off his shoulders. Yama/AngeldagdagVA was added in to the group as an editor in early June. Curran then temporarily left the team for a week. Kimmy13r was left in charge. Curran returned in mid June 2013. New Order was given, and it seemed that the team was hype again. Episode 2 of Claymore Unserious was finished, and dubbing was to begin.

A week later June 23rd, 2013, Curran's mother became ill and was put in the hospital. A day after, he learned that his father had passed away. Curran became very slient during Late June - Mid July, as most of his time was spent staying with his mother in the hospital, and taking care of his father's processions in his trips to Kansas.

While the team was still in a hype mood, at the peak in 2013 like how it was seen back in late 2012, episode 2 of Claymore Unserious was finally being worked on. It was then released on August 16th, 2013. Featuring Raki's voice in the series for the first time. An apology message was posted on the DMT Facebook page for taking so long with the episode. The message promised that it wouldn't take as long to make the 3rd episode. Not too long after, Kimmy13r creates a promotional video for the Bamboo Blade Abridged website. A week after, as stated before, the BBA trailer was re-uploaded.

ReverseSoda and Curran had a conversation on an Attack on Titan Abridged series, which would combine Soda's Nightlight Team, and the DancingMonkeyTeam for a collaboration project. The announcement received a lot of Facebook views on the DMT page. A chat for the series was created as well. He created an AMV for the DancingMonkeyTeam channel, and by this time, the team had started to go by "DancingMonkeyTeam" instead of "DancingMonkeyPDTV" anymore. After the AMV the Promo for AOTA was release by ReverseSoda as well, based on the comic he created. The Promo featured everyone's cast character.

The Fall of 2013[]

In September, Curran wanted to focus on a Folk Songs album...randomly. The album would be complicated to complete as the team again fell unstable, more than it did in June. Projects were also knocking, and school was killing them all. It could only get worse from here as the chat fell back into the 'dead' state once more. It would only pick back up again back in October of 2013. It was like the chat was sprawling with new life. There were Skype calls every night, they'd all laugh, and ReverseSoda started recording the conversations and posted them on his YouTube account. Around this time, AngeldagdagVA has released Girls und Panzer Abridged on October 17th, 2013, which brought the hype even higher! Things did gradually slow down after a while again. Depression hits back gradually, then all of a sudden, POW! The team shaken up by a burst of sadness, which caused the temporary leave of ReverseSoda.

The chat had died a bit harder since the leave of Soda, but it picked up gradually again. ReverseSoda returned once more and the team resumed the hype and had more Skype chats at night like back in October. Late November comes around, and the Folk Songs album was released after Curran's trip from Kansas. Doing poorly, he focused on editing Claymore episode 3, and no longer worrying about the album any longer. The lines were dubbed and Curran was getting close to finishing Claymore Unserious episode 3.

The gap between Late November till mid December was pretty much straight up, worse than ever depression. The worst the team has ever seen. So bad, that the impact of this had nearly touched all the members. About this time, Curran was asked to compose a song for ReverseSoda's 1st Year Anniversary album. With the team's structure collapsing, it seemed that there was no more light for the team at all, resulting in unfinished projects such as the song Curran had promised. ReverseSoda had officially left DancingMonkeyTeam in mid December 2013, a week before Christmas.

On December 31st, 2013, Curran decided to cancel Bamboo Blade Abridged. Claymore would proceed as such. Curran's resolution of 2013 was, it was a bad year of ups and downs for the team.

2014's Reboot[]

The group is gradually recovering from evil 2013. Curran also finished Claymore Unserious episode 3 in early January 2014, however, during a screen share with the team, it was seen that the episode's files had been lost. Curran has started the episode over again, saving it in many other place to avoid stupid mistakes that make it go missing. It's expected to have a February release. Curran had started to think of new projects. After some time, in mid February 2014, Curran and the team decided to try to reboot Bamboo Blade Abridged. The week after, the team releases a video featuring an animation created by ReverseSoda, promoting its return with the 5th episode. All seemed to be going very well during this time in the group. Recovery from 2013 was a success. The DMT went through a planning phase for a couple of months. Claymore Unserious Episode 3 was finally finished in April 2014. Edited by X1xSakuraYukkix7X (Rhia-Chan). In May of 2014, Attack on Titan Abridged (AOTA) Episode Zero was released, edited, and scripted by ReverseSoda. At the time, it was our most popular video. The episode featured members of other abridged groups, and Nightlight Team crew. The group at this point was flourishing.

The Final Days[]

After the releases of abridged videos in early 2014, the team once again fell into a slow spell. It wasn't until all the way in October 2014 that Bamboo Blade Abridged Episode 5 was finally released. It was the most ambitious abridged project the team has ever done. BBA received a new intro, the biggest cast of voice talent. Curran was very proud of this entry. ReverseSoda created a Halloween Special, entirely animated, which was received very positively. However, this hype did not last long. The team, only a short week after the episode's released, returned to a dead space. Curran decided to give up his position as leader in November 2014, giving King Hezekiah leadership. After the reign of the king, newer projects were planned to hit the DancingMonkeyTeam channel. Kill la Kill Abridged scripting was in progress. It would be edited directed by Rhi-Chan. New ideas of cast members were also planned, to filter out members who became inactive over the slow cycle.

2015 came around, the final days. The team slumped further than it's ever been. It became much smaller, as members were leaving. Kimmy13r (Now SarcasticLynx 2018), who voiced Kirino from BBA, and Clare from Claymore Unserious left the team. Many others have left as well. It seemed the overall hope for the team staying alive was very slim. The shape of the team was lower than it had ever been, even lower than it was in 2013, during the sadness drought. Rhia and Hez begin to add new members in February of 2015. Production of Kill la Kill Abridged was switched over to Sa-Chan (Voice of Saya) in BBA.

The team was breathing new life, into new projects and ideas. SarcasticLynx returned to the team later that month, the team began planning as it normally did when projects were being pushed around. This went on until early to mid April of 2015. Bamboo Blade Abridged episode 5.5 (script) was completed. Almost everyone's lines were completed, it was scheduled to release before May 2015 ended. A new vibrant new member was added into the group. It turns out, the team member was not interested in the content of what the team was doing. A fight broke out asking why this person was even wanting to be a member of the team. It was all over... this is what killed off the DancingMonkeyTeam for good; the empire fell. One by one, team members fell, and left. Production for BBA, Claymore Unserious, and other planned series except for the upcoming Kill la Kill, ceased production. Curran left the team with the others in the great fight. As of April 2015, Curran no longer had any insight on production of the DancingMonkeyTeam. He pronounced it dead, as Bamboo Blade Abridged episode 5 was the final episode of any abridged series that was uploaded.

During a time period between April 2015 to July 2015, was a time for Curran to think of a way to revive the channel from the dead, but it was hopeless. In July of 2015, Rhia became the new leader of DMT. Curran uploaded a compilation of the funniest scenes of all the abridged work the team has went through over the years. This would be the final video uploaded on the channel for 5 years.

After and Evermore 2018[]

As of this paragraph, it is July 2018. Over the last 3 years, there were thoughts of reviving the channel due to attachment and willingness to bring back the old abridged series the team did back in those days. Over time, Rhi-Chan had been planning for the DancingMonkeyTeam, but not much is known. Though he thought, reconstructing the team at this point would be very difficult, as he remains in contact with very few of the team members. Back in December 2015, RadioKhmerSitya (Voice of Miya Miya), passed away at the age of 29. This was unknown to the team members as by December, the team had already moved on and went separate ways. It wasn't until April of 2017 that Curran discovered this sadness. As of this moment, there was no word on the returning of DancingMonkeyTeam.


In September 2019, after 5 long years, Curran and ReverseSoda have been talking about new episodes of Bamboo Blade Abridged. The idea surfaced, BBA Episode 5.5, which was originally supposed to release back in May 2015, was brought back to the drawing board where Curran and ReverseSoda gave the script a facelift, and received editing by SliceOfDog. Recordings sessions where done for the months of October and November. The episode was finally released on November 29th, 2019 as a comeback episode. Though the episode has been released, there is still no longer any team interaction. The team still isolated, but most of the cast returning, plus new voice actors joining. As of reading this article, more episodes of Bamboo Blade Abridged is planned. TheUltimateGamerist never returned to the group, therefore Claymore UNserious, would not make its return.