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This article is about VegetaSasuke0's Dance In The Vampire Bund Abridged Series that ran for three episodes before the series' demise.


After seeing the anime,VegetaSasuke0 decided that it was so great & short that it deserved to be abridged, along with the fact that nobody else had done one before him, despite the purpose of it, so on April 8th, 2010 he announced via his twitter that he was going to officially start the scripting process for the first episode. After episode 1, Kikyo228 had dated VegetaSasuke0 & later the two separated,but she decided against continuing her roles in both VegetaSasuke0's School Days Abridged, as well as Dance In The Vampire Bund Abridged. GrimReaperSakura later found a very suitable, if not better replacement for Kikyo228.

After 2 episodes, VegetaSasuke0 decided to take a stand & announced his displeasure with the state of abridging & retired from it, making a rant video called "Abridging Is Dead', alienating himself from the term "abridging", along with everyone who worked with him on his series', most noticeable being his co script writer & female lead GrimReaperSakura. Later on VegetaSasuke0 completed the third & what would be his final episode of Dance In The Vampire Bund Abridged episode.

There had been production on a script for episode four, but due to VegetaSasuke0's exit from the community, the script had been shelved until he decides what he wants to do with it.


  • VegetaSasuke0 - Script Writer, Akira Kaburagi Regendorf, Terry Crews Head (Episode 3), & Alphonse Medici Borgiani.
  • GrimReaperSakura - Script Writer, Mina Tepes & Nanami Shinonome.
  • Violet221 - Yuki Saegusa (Episode 2 On), & Mei Ren.
  • SoulReaperHikuru - Kuze Ryouhei, & Sir Wolf (Wolfgang Regendorf).
  • IncendiaryScorpion - Juneau Dermailles.
  • Tamao108 - Vera (Veratos).
  • Nexusgiga Nitemaric - Random Vampire (Episode 3).
  • Kikyo228 - Yuki Saegusa (Episode 1).
  • Linda Danvers - Maid 1 (Nella).
  • BlueSukaiza - Maid 2 (Nelly).
  • Elphie6673 - Maid 3 (Nero).
  • Chidori328 - News Reporter , & Filler Vampire Spider (Both from Episode 1).


Character Name Character Picture Character Description Appearance
Akira Kaburagi Regendorf
DITVB TAS - Akira Kaburagi Regendorf Character Profile Picture
Akira is of the wolf clan, he has amnesia & is supposed to be Mina Tepes' bodyguard (she considers him to be her pet). Episode 01
Mina Tepes
DITVB TAS - Mina Tepes Character Profile Picture
Mina Tepes is the ruler of the vampires, it is confusing as she is either considered Princess or Queen (hence why people just say she is ruler). She is believed to be a rather controlling person, as well as simply a tsundare, & has a confusing, yet romantic relationship with her bodyguard Akira. Episode 01
Mei Ren
DITVB TAS - Mei Ren Character Profile Picture
Not much is known about Mei Ren other than the fact that she loves candy & sees Akira as "rape material". She is more like Akira than people think. Episode 02
Veratos (Vera)
DITVB TAS - Vera Character Profile Picture
Veratos (short name Vera) is Mina's most trusted advisor. Vera also advises Akira when it is most needed. Episode 02
Alphonse Medici Borgiani
DITVB TAS - Alphonse Medici Borgiani Character Profile Picture
Alphonse is loyal to Mina, yet strays away when he needs to. He is seen as the "cool dad" kind of guy by many of those around him. TBA
Yuki Saegusa
DITVB TAS - Yuki Saegusa Character Profile Picture
Yuki is Akira's "friend", she wanted to have a romantic relationship with Akira, but because he returned to Mina after his amnesia wore off, she settles for "friends with benefits", & would usually make Akira lunches. Episode 01
Kuze Ryouhei
DITVB TAS - Kuze Ryouhei Character Profile Picture
Kuze is a friend of Akira's, not much detail is given to this character other than the fact that he & Akira are close friends with Yuki. Episode 01
Nanami Shinonome
DITVB TAS - Nanami Shinonome Character Profile Picture
Nanami hated the idea of Mina Tepes running the school & was going to try & do something about it, but ended up getting attacked & raped by vampires. Episode 02
Juneau Dermailles
DITVB TAS - Juneau Dermailles Character Profile Picture
Juneau isn't given much character development, but what is explained is that he is a vampire that has a hate for wolves. Episode 03
DITVB TAS - Nella Character Profile Picture
One of the 3 maids that serve under Mina Tepes. Nella likes to mock people. Episode 02
DITVB TAS - Nelly Character Profile Picture
One of the 3 maids that serve under Mina Tepes. Not much detail is given about this character. Episode 02
DITVB TAS - Nero Character Profile Picture
One of the 3 maids that serve under Mina Tepes. Not much detail is given about this character. Episode 02
Wolfgang Regendorf (Sir Wolf)
DITVB TAS - Wolfgang Regendorf Character Profile Picture
Wolfgang is the father of Akira, he assigned Akira to be Mina's protector. Episode 02
Terry Crews Head
DITVB TAS - Terry Crews Head Character Profile Picture
A floating apparition that haunts Akira & tells him to kill his friends. Episode 03

Episode List & Other Information[]


Thumbnail Episode Release Date
Dance In The Vampire BundTAS Episode 01 Thumbnail
Episode 01 Oct 23, 2010
Dance In The Vampire BundTAS Episode 02 Thumbnail
Episode 02 Jun 28, 2011
Dance In The Vampire BundTAS Episode 03 Thumbnail
Episode 03 Jun 15, 2012


Dance In The Vampire Bund The Abridged Series is a fan based parody. Dance In The Vampire Bund is owned by Nozomu Tamaki, Studio Shaft, directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, & is licensed by Funimation Entertainment. Please support the official release.


  • Episode 4 was mostly scripted, but was shelved due to VegetaSasuke0 & HN5353's video known as "Abridging Is Dead" where they both retired, forcing the episode to be shelved.
  • This series was the first time that the series had been dubbed in any way.

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