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dachamp21 is the writer, editor, and voice of Kid Muscle in Ultimate Muscle the Abridged Series and the writer, editor for Yugioh DMX.

Projects Edit

Ultimate Muscle Abridged

Yu-Gi-Oh DMX

Posters Edit

dachamp21 started the abridged motivational posters for his abridged series and others.

TeamFourStar Motivational Posters:
TeamFourStar Motivational Posters

hbi2k Posters:

HBI2K Motivational Posters

MasakoX & Vegeta3986 Posters:

Naruto Abridged Motivational Posters

Borinyukami Posters:

Zatch Bell Abridged Motivational Posters

Megami33 Posters:

SMA Motivational Posters

DarkSideIncorporated Posters:

Yugioh GX Abridged (DSI) Motivational Posters

Lanipator Posters:

Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged Motivational Posters

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