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DN Angel Abridged is created, written, and edited by lunarmelody13. Scripting and voice acting is fairly consistent throughout the series, even in the early episodes, and pacing tends to be comparable to a typical anime with episode lengths of 9-10 minutes throughout the series and minimal use of edits to the original video files. Episode 10 and beyond are notable for improved picture, sound mixing and editing quality compared to previous episodes. Although episode production has slowed in recent years, lunarmelody13 has stated that they intend to finish the entire series.

Common musical themes include Wish I had an Angel by Nightwish during the opening sequence throughout the series, various songs by Evanescene used during transformation sequences, and covers of Kiss from a Rose by John Tesh and Head Control System used as a leitmotif during the Ice and Snow arc.


Main Cast:

  • LunarMelody13 - Daisuke, Dark, Riku, Risa, and most other voices
  • starfang14 - Mio Hio, cameo in episode 10

Guest Stars:

  • Yusaikthewolf - Freedert
  • CrasherSurge - Elliot
  • Concrete Building - Kyle


Daisuke Niwa: The main character of the series, Daisuke transforms into the Phantom Thief Dark whenever he's feeling horny, usually after thinking of Risa. It's a running gag that he gets rejected by Risa when he tries to confess his love for her, or when he hears her talking about her love for Dark. He gets pissed off that his mom and grandpa keep sending notes warning the police whenever Daisuke/Dark plan to steal a piece of artwork. Unlike the original series, he's such a terrible artist that he cheats at art class by buying his Ice and Snow painting from ebay.

Phantom Thief Dark: A legendary winged thief who steals artwork. He was once part of a magical artwork himself, and lives in the DNA of the men in the Niwa family. Because he appears once in a generation, it is strongly implied that he is Risa and Riku's grandfather. Dark has never been caught by the police, even when they spent all of the taxpayers' money sending the force to patrol the site of the next heist. Even though he has magical powers, he uses them only as a last resort because enjoys watching Daisuke fail at being a thief.

Risa Harada: Convinced that she's destined to marry Dark, even though it's clear that he can't stand being around her. At the same time she takes advantage of Daisuke's obvious attraction towards her to order him around. It's a running joke that she carelessly insults Riku by calling her the "butch" or "less pretty" one. She has a southern accent, but is entirely unaware of it.

Riku Harada: Risa's twin sister. Similar to her role in the original series, she's generally more capable and practical than Risa, and genre-savvy enough to be suspicious of Mio Hio being so fixated on Daisuke.

Satoshi Hiwatari: Daisuke's classmate, who often makes sexual innuendos and ends up in compromising situations with him. He transforms into Krad, the camp (and evil) other half to the artwork that Dark originated from.

Mio Hio: The valley girl voiced American transfer student, Britney Spears songs play in the background whenever she's in a scene. Mio Hio is trying to get closer to Daisuke to help the antagonist carry out his plot, with the reward that she'll get to be a main character.

Episode list[]

Episode 1 is currently unavailable as it was blocked on youtube years ago, and lunarmelody13 has stated that they are unlikely to challenge the claim or reupload. Significant episodes are linked below, with the remainder also being available on youtube at the time of this article.

Episodes Air Date
Episode 2 Feb 4, 2009
Episode 3 Feb 11, 2009
Episode 4 Feb 26, 2009
Episode 5 Mar 22, 2009
Episode 6 Apr 6, 2009
Episode 7 Apr 24, 2009
Episode 8 Jun 3, 2009
Episode 9 Sept 1, 2009
Episode 10 Dec 1, 2009
Episode 11 Jan 22, 2010
Episode 12 Jan 31, 2010
Episode 13 Feb 21, 2010
Episode 14 Apr 1, 2010
Episode 15 May 17, 2010
Episode 16 Jun 15, 2010
Episode 17 Sep 6, 2010
Episode 18 Dec 1, 2010
Episode 19 Jan 31, 2011
Episode 20 Apr 4, 2011
Episode 21 Aug 23, 2011
Episode 22 Feb 26, 2012
Episode 23 Mar 15, 2013