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DBZ Bojack Uncancelled is yet another abridged version of Bojack unbound (after NormalFellow's version) made in adept to abridge it, after TFS cancelled it


  • Unlike the DBZA version, none of the heras speak like pirates (not even Bojack), althought Bojack IS called Captain boJACK
  • Yamcha's "cat loves food" song is heard after he falls to the water........much to his dispreasure
  • Bojack says that the explosion by Cell caused his scars, in the OG movie, that is unexplained where he got his scars from
  • Dying Bido says sorry to his love KaiserNeko when Gohan kills him, this is an nod to KaiserNeko finding him "hot"
  • Baby Goten is said to be with his grandpa, this fixes an plothole that many people point about this movie, that Chi-Chi should be in advance pregnancy or showing up with Goten
  • Gohan not taking care of Bojack of his men with SS2 is explained by him having therapy seasons


  • RainingLightss – Son Gohan
  • Cake_Juice – Bojack
  • Mark Carr – Hercule Satan
  • Oliver Rozkolora – Krillin, Vegeta
  • JHQK – Trunks Brief
  • Jesse Pinnick – Son Goku
  • SonamBurkeVA – King Kai, X. S. Cash, Yamcha, Udo, Tenshinhan
  • imasaiyancayla – Zangya
  • Jsals – Bido
  • William Knight – Bujin, Kami
  • Kikka Kibaz – Megami (Female Reporter), Additional Voices
  • Victor Espinosa – Mr. Kent (Male Reporter)
  • Safiyyah G – Monty Cash
  • Hunter Ray Parrish – Mr. Producer
  • Josh Lee – Announcer, “Phone” Guy, Additional Voices
  • LogicBreaker – Piccolo, Nail
  • HunterGoduto – Trunks Brief (Baby)
  • Jayla Toomer (StormyStorm) – Bulma Brief, Additional Voices
  • Lady Usagi – Chi-Chi
  • FrostyFranklin – Referee
  • Robert Wiggins – Chinpo, Additional Voices
  • Lefty – Kogu
  • FFSteF09 – “It’s Mr. Satan” Lady, Additional Voices
  • Skylar Ninja – Screaming Woman, Additional Voices
  • Commander Wof – Additional Voices
  • Vahid Kopic – Additional Voices
  • Duncan Fletcher – Additional Voices
  • Nick Prescot – Additional Voices
  • KaiserNeko - disclaimer txt (archive recordings) (uncredited)
  • Jeremy Inman - Android 16 (archive recordings) (uncredited)