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DBGT Abridged is an abridged series of Dragon Ball GT created by Dejay. This series is written by Dejay, Mr. Skoringo, and MasterHirano. It is edited by Dejay (with the exception of Episode 5 which was edited by MasterHirano). It has 11 episodes and is currently ongoing.

The idea for DBGT Abridged was first thought up when the creator Dejay first started watching abridged series. After watching the likes of TeamFourStar, AntFishTAS, LittleKuriboh and WeeklyTubeShow2, he decided to make an abridged series of his own. After coming up with a few ideas for anime's to parody, Dejay finally settled on Dragon Ball GT. He chose Dragon Ball GT because he is in the minority which actually enjoys most of the series while finding it to be equally ridiculous. Thus, he thought a satirical parody on it would be appropriate.

After uploading two bad to mediocre trailers to promote the series, Mr. Skoringo saw them and gave the trailers a critique. Shortly after, he befriended Dejay and joined as the second writer and voice actor for the series. A few months later, after two episodes were posted, an audition video was posted and more people were added to the cast to play later characters. Almost one year later in early 2012, MasterHirano was added as the 3rd writer and voice actor for the series thus making the cast and members of DBGT Abridged complete.

The series was dropped after Episode 11 and the DBZ Kai One Shot parody "Kai DubZ" due to Dejay leaving the abridged community to persue other efforts. Most episodes have been taken down by Toei.


Dejay: Trunks, Pan, Emperor Pilaf, Mai, Shu, Billy "R(d)illdo" Para, Goten, Lord Don Kee, Ledgic, Extras

MrSkoringo:Kid Goku, Gohan, Portly Para, Extras

MasterHirano: Giru, Anorexia Para, Vegeta, Baby, Extras

SonicForBrawl101: Adult Goku

CrazyBros: Hercule

DoctorChibi740: Dr. Myuu, Dolltaki, Krillin

UchaNekome: Bulla

BassistGal: Videl


OreimoAbridgedSeries: Random Capsule Corp Employee 1, DBZ Fan Club Member

NeumanProducitions: Random Capsule Corp Employee 2, DBZ Fan Club President

AMTRAX91: Random Merchants, Count Concierge

PillowVSPillow: News Repporter, Gay Bot

LoliwithanExcaliborg: Servant, Doma, Zansu (Stoner Ball GT)

ShinigamiEater: Gay Guard 1

ZoidsBN: Gay Guard 2

Tonyzx15: Gay Guard 3

Mattroks101: Gay Guard 4

Faulerro: Don Kee's Secretary

SandersThePimp: Zoonama

AimiHime: Para Para Bros Ship

KaggyVA: Random Luudian 1

ThisIsSoRickxx: Luudian Guard 1

Yomi133: Sigma #1

FlamingGuitar14: Sigma #2

Grimmjack69: Bob


  • Dejay originally wanted to make a Tenchi Muyo! Abridged. But after seeing the version made by LighthawkForce, he didn't think he could live up to it like they did. He instead decided to make DBGT Abridged.
  • For episodes 1-4, the aspect ratio was stretched to 16:9. But episode 5 and onward will be kept at the original aspect ratio of the source footage.
  • The idea behind Loch Ness Busey (In Episode 4) originated when Dejay found a hilarious picture of Gary Busey's head on a fire breathing dragon rampaging New York City. In Episode 3, an eldery couple (played by Mr. Skoringo) were based off of Chef's Parents from South Park doing a rant about a certain Loch Ness Monster wanting his $3.50. When episode 4 was being scripted, Loch Ness Busey was born to tie in with the previous episode's joke.
  • Episode 5 was edited by MasterHirano (formerly known as MasterVoiceXD) as he was to take over editing duties for the series overall. But Dejay took over editing once again after episode 5 due to personal reasons.
  • All 3 of The Para Para Brothers were originally planned to be based off of famous fitness instructors. Instead, Billy Para (based off of Billy Blanks) was holding both Anorexia Para and Portly Para hostage as his accomplices under extreme diets and exercise.
  • Often, the project is compared to the work of TeamFourStar in both negative and positive light due to the series taking place in the Dragon Ball universe. However, Dejay, MrSkoringo, and the others in the project all feel that the humor and style is different to that of TeamFourStar.
  • Many have mixed opinions about Dejay's role of Pan, due to it being played by a man. But Dejay enjoys voicing her and enjoys the voice he has given her as he feels it fits.
  • The voice for Mai was inspired by Trixen01's voice for Hilda in Outlaw Star Abridged (By OLSAbridged)
  • The voice for Shu was essentially an exaggerated impresion of Don Knotts.
  • Sandersthepimp's voice for Zoonama was based on his role of The Pimp in his parody Black Note.
  • Doma's character and voice was based off of Wimp Lo from the movie Kung Pow Enter The Fist.
  • The non-cannon "episode" Stoner Ball GT was created for a first ever 4-20 Special. No one (to the knowledge of Dejay and MrSkoringo) has done an Abridged Special for the marijuana holiday.

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