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"Your memes have no effect on the Earl, for he is the Lord of all Evil, the enemy of God, the Destroyer of Mankind, the ANTAGONIST of the Series!

Oh, and he's also the embodiment of YouTube Poop." - Episode 5

Allen Walker is an exorcist who uses his magic arm (made of a substance called "Innocence") to fight Akuma, the weapons of the Millenium Earl. Joined by other members of the Black Order (and a Golden Snitch that follows him around), he goes on missions to collect pieces of Innocence, kill the Akuma sent by the Millenium Earl, and use as many internet references as possible.


D.Gray-Man: The Abridged Series was created in Spring 2008 by TehExorcist, with a trailer released previously on November 4th, 2007. When first episode was released on March 3rd, 2008, the voice cast also included RenZeffie as Officer Moa, and Lenalee Lee in the second episode. However, before the release of the third episode, RenZeffie had left the project completely. TehExorcist has since then taken on D.Gray-Man: The Abridged Series as a completely solo project, only including the voices other abridgers as guest roles or minor characters. The series currently has seven episodes, and one redo of the first episode. At one point Youtube, the host of D.Gray-Man Abridged, deleted both Tehexorcist's account and videos but he is now currently uploading on his new account DGrayManTAS.


D.Gray-Man: The Abridged Series is written, voiced, and edited by TehExorcist. The software used to create the series are the following: Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro and Adobe Photoshop CS3 for visual editing, and Audacity and Adobe Audition 3.0 for audio recording and cleaning.


  • TehExorcist - Allen Walker, Yu Kanda, Komi Lee, Levi, Additional voices
  • RenZeffie - Officer Moa (episode 1), Lenalee Lee(episode 2), extras
  • Gahooly - Lenalee Lee (episodes 6 and 7)
  • Feaien - Road Kamelot
  • Nowacking - Miranda Lotto

Guest Stars:

  • Takahata101 - cameo as Council of Boosh and Goodies member (episode 2)
  • NathanGraves989 - cameo as himself (episode 3)
  • LordQuadros - cameo as Solid Snake (episode 3)
  • AngelElric - Officer Moa (episode 1 REDO)
  • Antfish - cameo as Jotaro Kujo (episode 1 REDO), Ray & Debra (episode 7)
  • TheBrothersMoustache - cameo as themselves (episode 7)
  • MikutanKiyu - akuma lady (episode 7.5)

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 Mar 3rd, 2008
Episode 2 April 2008
Episode 3 N/A
Episode 4 N/A
Episode 1 REDO N/A
Episode 5 May 29th, 2009
Episode 6 Aug 2nd, 2009
Episode 7 Jul 12th, 2010
Episode 7.5 (X-Mas) Dec 24th, 2011

Common Themes[]

Starting on the second episode of D.Gray-Man: The Abridged Series (when the series started developing its style), the series has been known for its randomness. The show has been described to as "YouTube poop with a story."

The opening song from episode 3+ is subtitled with misheard lyrics from the song "Gekidou" by UVERworld (the 4th opening to the D.Gray Man anime):
No more mother!
You shit a nutty book
Oh WAH!? O_o
Oh, Maury dated
Oooo, Mino knocka!
A booty tear upon your knee. *breath*
Don’t wanna stare.
She came out and took home my date.
We got to eat Tony’s schnitzel
Bee nose SUPER!
Lay the lamb!
She’s got a point.

Running Gags[]

  • "Gratuitous use of Bohemian Rhapsody" (Episode 2)
  • D.Gray-Man version of the Caramelldansen
  • "Hey Everyone!"
  • "Yu" versus "You". In episode 7.5 "Yu" is helpfully captioned on-screen to avoid confusion.


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