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CrasherSurge (A.K.A. Crasher or Crash) is an Parody Artist best known by his series, Bakubridged (A Bakugan Parody Series) & Abridge of the Zodiac (A Saint Seiya Parody Series).

CrasherSurge [Abridger/Parody Artist]
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In 2009 - 2010, CrasherSurge started out doing various Fandubs of Naruto, Pokemon, DBZ, etc. But after watching several Abridged Series (Naruto the Abridged Series, TeamFourStar, WeeklyTubeShow, etc.), he was inspired to try out his own. In Early 2011, Crasher had decided to parody one of his favorite anime, Naruto Shippuden. So in order to make it, he gather'd up other people to help him with his series (PrisonerofReality, LloydSSJ4, concreteBuilding) so that they could be able to entertain an audience.

In 2012, CrasherSurge decided that it was his time to try to make another parody series. After thinking of various animes that he wanted to do, Kenichi stuck and he decided to make the Series w/ KaggyVA UchaNekome known as Kenichi Insanity. But after the 1st Episode, Crasher decided that he didn't want to continue it due to massive issues concerning scripting problems and lack of interest. 

After working with other a variety of people, CrasherSurge decided that it was his time to work on a solo Project. So after some brainstorming, Crasher had decided that he would like to try an anime that is not so good but could turn out to be a solid Series. So, Crasher decided to make a parody out of Bakugan Battle Brawlers which is named, Bakubridged.

In 2014, after constantly working on Bakubridged, CrasherSurge decided to try a different anime that he's been dying to do for a while, and that anime was Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac. At first he wanted to make it into a One-Shot but due to the majority amount of positive feed, he decided to continue it as an 'Additional Project'.


  • Bakubridged [Bakugan Abridged] - Creator, Voice Actor, Script Writer & Editor
  • Abridge of the Zodiac - Creator, Voice Actor, Script Writer & Editor
  • TeamShippudenSquad's Naruto Shippuden The Abridged Series - Co-Creator, Voice Actor & Script Writer
  • Narootoo!! - Co-Creator, Voice Actor & Co-Writer

Abridged Roles[]

  • Bakubridged :: Dan Kuso, Extras
  • Abridge of the Zodiac :: Pegasus Seiya, Tatsumi, Additional Voices
  • Narootoo!! :: Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Etc.
  • TeamShippudenSquad :: Naruto Uzumaki, Konohamaru Sarutobi, Extras
  • Haroohee :: Kunikida
  • Pokemon Origins Abridged :: Red
  • Hunter x Dumber (Hunter x Hunter Abridged) :: Canary


  • Abridged Wikia Admin, Mattroks101, had given CrasherSurge the title "The Youngest Abridged Who Doesn't Suck" due to him being a very young Parody Artist compared to the others.
  • CrasherSurge started out to be a Fandubber before producing Parodies.
  • The first Abridged Series Crasher has ever watched is Naruto The Abridged Series
  • CrasherSurge doesn't like the use of "Abridged" in his parodies. He finds it "unoriginal".