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March 15


ColorfulchicVA + Colorfulchic90

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ColorfulchicVA is an abridger and voice actor in the abridged community. Creator of Tohrusbasket, HaruBrigade, Disney Princess One Shots, and RomeoXJuliet.


ColorfulchicVA started it all in the 4th grade when she discovered her Dora the Explora voice, no matter how creepy it was Anisa's 4th grade teacher was shocked and told her "You should continue voicing like that you might get somewhere." She started with a friend a youtube called HyPeRgRL1050 and started doing random stuff, after that she opened her official first YouTube account called Colorfulchic90. Then she started, she watched anime and started voicing anime characters, her first anime voice was Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew. Then Anisa got hooked on Anime and picked up a dvd called Fruits Basket and loved the series.

Her good friends are: AlotOfYaoi2, 1989techie, MrSkoringo, Runawayturist, BlackWolftheReaper, YumeNyaa, OreimoAbridgedSeries, Zigzag390, 101warriorsfan and StrawberrySana.

Her account Colorfulchic90 was terminated because of the strikes she had.

Projects Involved In[]

TohrusBasket: Yuki Sohma, Saki Hanajima, Fangirls, and Kyoko Honda. (By Me and Zigzag390)

HaruBrigade: Haruhi Suzumiya (By: ColorfulchicVA and 1989Techie)

RomeoxJuliet:Cordelia (By Me, Zigzag390, 1989Techie, and 101warriorsfan)

DisneyPrincessParody: Snow White, Anastasia (By ColorfulchicVA)

The 2nd Dokuro-Chan Abridged: Sabato (By OreimoAbridgedSeries)

Ouran High School Host Club Abridged: Kaniko and Extras (By AlotOfYaoi and YayYayisRaw)

Maburaho Abridged: Kaori Iba (By 6SpetaG)

DNAngel Abridged: Riku Harada (By 1989Techie)

My Little Pony Abridged: Rainbow Dash (By Jamie and Oriemo)


  • Scarlett Johanson 
  • MaryDoodles
  • Laura Bailey
  • Eric Vale
  • Tara Strong
  • KassemG
  • Emma Stone
  • Jenna Marbles


  • She has brown hair and eyes.
  • Loves Captain America/Chris Evans.
  • Listens to Maroon 5 and Train
  • Is 5'4
  • Blue is her favorite color
  • Obsessed with Disney 
  • Loves reading Manga and Comics
  • Loves acting,drawing, and singing
  • Loves messing with Eric (1989Techie)
  • Tim Burton/Johnny Depp fan
  • Likes making movies
  • Hates the winter
  • Good swimmer and Volleyball player
  • Favorite youtube Kassem G
  • Favorite President Abe Lincoin
  • Very funny person
  • Watches a lot of movies


Disney Princess OneShot[]

Anisa Started this project with the movie Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.


It was a messed up version of Snow White that was hilariously bad edited. Now she is currently working on Cinderella.