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Code Geass Uhhbridged is an upcoming abridged series based around Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It's creator is RaiZero15 , a YouTube Commentator for the Code Geass fanbase. The original concept of this project had bee scrapped due to various reasons and the current plan is to integrate as much Code Geass media as possible without spoiling the comedy of the series itself.

Original Concept[]

The original plan for this series was to create either an abridged or an abridgement series which would be based around the OVA, Code Geass: Akito The Exiled. However, due to various reasons which halted production, the plan was scrapped and as a result, it was changed to follow a different and more expanded version of Code Geass.

New Concept[]

The new plan for this series is to not only follow the original Code Geass timeline, but to also follow the sidestory manga and OVA as well as spin offs of the series to expand the fanbase of the Code Geass show and to provide a more fresh and new version of abridging.


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Director: RaiZero15

Writer: RaiZero15

Co-Writer: TBD

Editor: TBD


The planned outline so far is to follow the original Code Geass storyline and to mix in various other Code Geass media and make references to Code Geass spin-offs while at the same time, make references to other Sunrise productions and other anime.