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November 19, 2008 - 2011


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This article is about Code Geass The Abridged Parody Series.


As explained by a sub-universal 'narrator' that is the popular Metal Gear Solid main character Solid Snake, Britannia rose to power after being pushed out of England by Napoleon (It is unclear if real French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was the cause of this, or as Solid Snake continues on to confirm through a shown picture, Napoleon Dynamite of real-movie comedic fame) and were forced to take up control of their North American colonies (Thirteen Colonies, possibly their Canadian holdings as well) and began a reformatting of their government by electing a 'Super-King', which is shown to be the real-life Burger King along with LittleKuriboh, whom won in a land-slide victory over MasakoX, ZionProwler, and 'Rower', who is confirmed to be the Rower of the famous Naruto: The Abridged Series. Notably, there are two side-jokes to this joke: all the Abridgers mentioned (LittleKuriboh, MasakoX, ZionProwler) are all of British nationality. The other side-joke is that the Rower has (I) next to his name with no noticeable running mate. This is put to indicate that he's of Independent affiliation. Britannia soon rose to prominence afterward and gain control over most of the world.

Britannia is led by Emperor Charles zi Britannia, currently. Lelouch approached his father, himself currently at age ten, and was made the scapegoat of his mother's assassination. He was ordered to be taken away and to be put "in the one place I [Emperor Charles] would never think of looking if I wanted him dead". In this case, Lelouch and his sister were sent to Japan.

Seven years later, Lelouch is shown to be among friends at Ashford Academy until one day he is given a chance of a lifetime; the chance to make his dreams come true. His dream is a powerful wish that only the witch named C.C. can grant: the power to become the ruler of Britannia, and to also rule as it's expert on all things dentistry. He has been obsessed with this goal since being banished, and only now can he even think of overtake the Empire of Britannia. He needed a military-arm for this, however, and one day he came across a dwindling resistance movement led by Kaname Ohgi. He helped them nearly win a battle against overwhelming odds and soon they gave him leadership over the movement, believing he was the one who would liberate Japan.

Armed with loyal followers, given the power of the Geass, to control the minds of others, he sets off onto his journey with a superb flick of his cape and a shine on his mask, looking over to the horizon for the day his plan will be fufilled.


Code Geass the Abridged Series is a team-effort by TeamSupeSharu, a group of internet voice-over parody makers that started on November 19, 2008. Their videos were formerly hosted at the TeamSupeSharu Youtube Channel, which is now unavailable. Some episodes can still be found on dailymotion and Veoh.


  • Tyler1337Admin - Lelouch vi Britannia, General "o'Puddingcakes" Bartly, General "Halo" Dultan, Solid Snake as Narrator, Jeremiah Gottwald, Rivel Cardemonde (1), Luciano Bradley, Yoshitaka Minami.
  • ShikamaruUchihaSama - Suzaku Kururugi, Shirley Fenette, Yoshida
  • Sakuratsukino29 - C.C., Kallen Stadfeld, Nunally vii Britannia, Euphemia li Britannia
  • MasterKid - Rivel Cardemonde (2+), Gilbert G.P. Guilford, Kento, Shogo Asahina
  • Ishida1017 - Shinichirō Tamaki, Kyoshiro Tohdoh
  • LordViral - Lloyd Asplund , Milly Ashford, Scottsman, Kōsetsu Urabe
  • Sarutobi66 - Nobleman, Emperor Charles zi Britannia, Kaname Ohgi, Mao
  • Sodsuke - Cornelia Li Britannia
  • HokageTitan - Lt.Col. Kusokabe, French Soldier, Ryōga Senba, Gino Weinberg

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