Abridged Series Wiki
Code Geass: The Abridged Series
Created by Ezekieru & Co.
Run 5/22/2008 - Current
Episodes (Original Run) 8 (+ Episode 3.5)
Link http://www.youtube.com/user/GeassTAS

Code Geass: TAS is a series by Ezekieru. The series is currently being restarted and revamped with help from new co-writers and a new cast.



Scripting & Editing[]

  • Main Script-Writer: Ezekieru
  • Co-Scripters: Taekmkm, LordQuadros
  • Editor: Ezekieru
  • SFX: Ezekieru


  • Ezekieru - Johnny Yong Grunt, Mika (Nani, mai hunni~?)
  • Mippa - Narrator, C.C., Kallen, Cecile, Shirley, Villetta
  • BigTUnit1 - Clovis, Jeremiah, Suzaku, Tamaki, Darlton
  • Rashinban - Lelouch, Llyod, Rivalz, Bartley, Diethard, Guilford
  • Mirielle - Nunally, Cornelia
  • LordQuadros - Sayoko, Kewell, Arthur (The cat)
  • Unwardil - Zero, Masked Arthur
  • Cassius614 - Euphemia
  • Christine - Rakshata
  • Zeix - Charles zi Brittannia


  • JCox - Nagata
  • MasakoX - Schneizel el Britannia
  • HAN0N1 - Anya Alstreim
  • Sketch - Gino Weinberg
  • KaiserNeko - Mao
  • Koivo - Rolo Lamperouge


  • Lelouch Lamperouge/Lelouch vi Britannia/Zero

One of the two main "heroes" of this abridged series, Lelouch is known to be very brilliantly stupid; very clearly having the intellect that many lack, yet does many idiotic things himself. He can be rather bossy at time, and surprisingly loud, but that doesn't stop irony from coming over and screwing him over time after time. He also has a rather... big thing for chess motifs, which is something he rarely admits. As Zero, he unleashes his inner Large Ham personality, and even changes his voice due to his fancy new helmet.

  • Suzaku Kururugi/White Queen

The second main character of the series, Suzaku is a surprisingly cheerful character, despite all the god-awful persecution he's been going over. Seriously, he's been shot in the kidney, forced to pilot an unstable mecha right after said kidney-shot, arrested and slapped around immediately afterward said-mecha-piloting, electrocuted several times, and that's only in four episodes. Luckily, he soon met Euphie, in which he quickly fell in love with (in his pants). Half the time he's around, he's very gullible, but other times, he can develop a sharp tongue, especially around Lloyd and his bizarre personality.


  • Opening #1: "Colors" by FLOW, edited by KaiKoshimoro (Ep. 1-4)
  • Opening #2: "Colors" by FLOW, edited by TehExorcist (Ep. 5-??)

Common Themes[]


In the original Japanese dub of Code Geass, there were some hidden ads in the show. This abridged series focuses on the one that was removed in the English dub, Pizza Hut. Whenever a Pizza Hut had is seen in the background, it is pointed out. Also, some of the censoring has been done with a Pizza Hut logo.


Aside from the small "mention" of the Knightmare Frames looking like the Gundams from Gundam SEED, this abridged series likes to make accurate references to other shows done by the studio company Sunrise, and more specifically, the Gundam meta series. One such reference currently is having Euphemia refer to Suzaku as "Kira," due to Euphie's resemblance to the Gundam SEED character Lacus Clyne, and Suzaku's less resemblance to Kira Yamato. The biggest reference so far is the use of the Gundam sound effects pack on the Knightmare Frame battles, seeing as the sound effects for Geass are not available to the public.

Episode list[]

Episodes Air Date
Ezekieru's Code Geass: The Abridged Episode 01
Ezekieru's Code Geass: The Abridged Episode 02
Ezekieru's Code Geass: The Abridged Episode 03
Ezekieru's Code Geass: The Abridged Episode 04
Ezekieru's Code Geass: The Abridged Episode 05