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Code Geass: Kaitsu'd Abridged Series

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March 29, 2009 - October 1, 2009




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In a world where Britannia has taken over the world while the Elevens, formerly known as the Japanese are nothing but mere trash and waste of space. A boy of an Uchiha bloodline gains the power of Geass to fight against the world and test his abilities to the limit. However, another being of this world also fights against the world. Kira; with his power to kill anyone in the world by just having a name and face, he can achieve anything, just as long as he does not get caught. In this world, two powerful beings will make a difference...


This was the 3rd Code Geass Abridged series that was created during its time along with TeamSuperSharu and Ezekieru's series. But this was the only one that combined Death Note into it.

No new episodes have been released since 2009, except for a redo of episode 01 that was uploaded on February 18, 2012, titled Code Geass HD Remix Continuum Shift Z Kai Episode 01.


The cast is mainly just him, with other side casts from time to time.

Episode list[]

Episodes Air Date
Episode 01 - No plot was born Mar 29, 2009
Episode 02 - Enter Spinzaku! May 29, 2009
Episode 03 - Kira and Card Games Jun 17, 2009
Episode 04 - Kool-Aid Knightmare Aug 6, 2009
Episode 05 - Girl Power and Drills Oct 1, 2009

Common Themes[]

Death Note Crossover[]

Kaitsu tries to bring out all the jokes Code Geass has provided along with internet memes. He is also doing the Death Note approach to the series. The two series have been noted to be simliar in a way and even rivals. Kaitsu tries to combine the two series to make it unique than the rest. It's basically a cross-over Abridged Series. One could say that he's abridging both series in one.


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