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Abridged Series
Name (Code Geass) Code Abridged
Debut August 9th, 2009
Created By PaleShield, Destinyhunter86, gfroggy87, Titanstargirl, Fontainekia
Number of Episodes


6 special


Code Abridged is a parody of the beloved anime, Code Geass. The idea was created while at Anime Boston 2009 between PaleShield and his four cousins. They watched an episode of Code Geass R2 and decided to make fun of Suzaku for his actions. Then they ended up getting a new voice for Suzaku and the saying, "Yeah!". They then decided from then on to create an abridged series.

Link to youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/PaleShield

Link to official website: http://codegeass.us/forum/index.php/board,46.0.html

Voice Acting Talent[]

Main Cast

  • PaleShield (Mikey)- Suzaku, Emperor Charles, Ohgi, Woof, Suzaku's Dad, Mao
  • destinyhunter86 (Jeff)- Lelouch, Nina, Diethard, Jeremiah, Lloyd, Tohdoh, Clovis, Vampy, Darlton, Guilford,
  • gfroggy87 (Greg)- Tamaki, Rivalz, Cornelia, Bartley, Kewell, Frank, Minor, Character, General Flat Face, V.V.
  • fontainekia (Kim)- Euphemia, Kallen, Cécile, Milly
  • titanstargirl (Jen)- C.C., Shirley, Nunally, Villeta, Sayoko, Kaguya

Special Guests

  • Bazoo47- random crowd, tourists

Series Humor[]

Most of the humor comes from random video game, tv show, movie, and internet meme references. The series uses a lot of photoshoped images to add to the comedy and randomness.

Recurring Jokes[]

  • Lelouch saying "Need a diversion"
  • Suzaku saying "Yeah!"
  • Everyone making blind and cripple jokes about Nunally
  • Clovis yelling "TERRORIST!"
  • Ohgi being good with his money...
  • Tamaki being a smelly, loud, hobo
  • Shirley saying "you better back off my Lulu"
  • Nina being totally disgusting
  • Cornelia wanting to kill everything! SHE'S EVIL!
  • Cecile not talking

Episode list[]

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - Pilot
Episode 2 - Speedzaku Awakens
Episode 3 - Clovis Goes Out With a Bang
Episode 4 - His name is--THAT ONE!!!!
Episode 5 - The Princess and the Frog
Episode 6 - The Stolen Pizza
Episode 7 - Operation: Attack Cornelia
Episode 8 - Hotel Hijinks
Episode 9 - Dreams and Knightmares
Episode 10 - No Guts, No Glory *Part 1*
Episode 11 - No Guts, No Glory *Part 2*
Episode 12 - Messenger from the Factory
Episode 13 - Its a Gunpoint
Episode 14- Team Lelouch vs Team Mao
Episode 15 - Mao is Happy and Knows it
Episode 16 - Dude, Where's My Blind Sister?
Episode 17 - If I Only Had Pimple Cream
Episode 18 - I Choose You, Suzaku!
Episode 19 - Island of Survivors
Episode 20 - The Battle of Cleanliness
Episode 21 - The Declaration of Japanependence
Episode 22 - Euphy's a Bad Moutha-Shut yo' Mouth!
Episode 23 - At Least We Have Pictures
Episode 24 - The Collapsing Card House


Episodes Air Date
Halloween Special
Code Elf (Christmas Special)
Suzaku got tagged..... Yeah!!!
Kallen is Naked!
Code Abridged Anniversary Special
Suzaku's Valentine's Day



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