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This abridged series was created August 15, 2008. It currently has 3 episodes, which are all parts of Higurashi Kai episode 2. However, she has not updated any more episodes in a while. The humor is very random and hyper, proof that it was made by a teenage girl.


This series was made by cloudstrife34, and the voices are provided by her and other user SerialXKiller. And acccording to her in a comment, the dialogue is completely ad-libbed on the spot. And that it was meant to come off as amateaurish, as it was inspired by another series of the same low quality.

The opening for the first episode is "Secret World", the opening to the anime Tactics. The other two episodes have no opening. And the ending of the third episode is "Taiyou" from Yugioh!GX.

The series was made on Windows Movie Maker and has no special editing.

Common Themes[]

A running joke is that all extras say '"tastes like chicken", to show their unimportance. Another is that they use jokes from the Japanese fanbase such as calling Oishi 'Mr. Delicious', a nickname commonly given to him by fans who are aware that his name is one letter away from spelling 'delicious' in Japanese. Other than this, there is no other common jokes as everything is said on the spot with no script.

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