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Parody Artist, Video Editor, Script Writer, Musician & Voice Actor.

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Chromegloss55 (also goes by Chromegloss or simply "Chrome") is an abridger best known for his Dragonball Z & Pokemon parodies, as well as for doing some sketch videos with MsDBZbabe (after distancing from Gozar).


Originally known for doing parody styled shorts, he would lend his voice to various other projects, despite not being very interested in the "abridged" scene. He decided to make an attempt at an abridged styled series with his first big project known as "Pokédubs", based on the Pokémon anime & co-created with the late EdricODoom. It features heavy Pirates of the Caribbean references, with Pikachu being directly based on Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp).

He later started working on 1KidsEntertainment's Pokemon 'bridged by assisting with the music, as well as making a cameo in his first episode.

His current status is considered "retired" due to lack of content uploads in recent years.

Projects & Roles[]

  • DaSikestVidMaka's Code Geass Abridged - Filler Villain (Ep 1)
  • FullmetalForce's Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged - Louis Armstrong
  • LightHawkForce's Tenchi Abridged- Dr. Clay (Was replaced by Bulidom12)
  • OmegaGroupGT's Dragonball GT Abridged - Pilaf, Extras
  • Flyingbandicoot's Digimon Frontier Abridged - Narrator (Ep 15), Santa Claus (Ep 15), Various Extras
  • TeemShinigami's Bleach Abridged - Vegeta (Ep 2)
  • Chibi Adventures - Co-Writer/Music Editor, Vegeta, Cooler, Salza, Reccoom, Burter, Guldo, Jeice, Captin Ginyu, Garlic Jr., Semi-Perfect Cell, Perfect Cell, Zarbon, King Cold, Mr Popo, Android 17, Narrator, Additional voices
  • Pokédubs - Co-creator, Editor, James, Brock, Oak, Giovanni
  • Pokémon The 'Bridged Series - Cameo, & Music Contribution.

Software Used[]

Chromegloss used, but is not limited to, MAGIX Music Maker 14, Ulead Video Studio 11.5, Corel Video Studio, & Vegas Pro.