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Voice Actor, Abridger, Parody Artist, Video Editor, Writer





Years Active:

2008 - 2011




Chidori328 (“Kitten”) is an abridger & parody artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. His most recognized roles were Iruka in NC Production's Naruto Shippuden Abridged, & Cain in TwilightWolf183's Trinity Blood Abridged, despite them being minor roles. He currently resides in Florida.


Chidori328 had his first break in Naruto Shippuden Abridged by NCProductions. He premiered in episode 4 as Iruka, under the username Chipmonk3288, though mistakenly listed as "Chidori" which is where the new username originated. He later appeared in Episodes 5 & 6 as Kisame & Zetsu, before being fired publicly in a video by Princeroy. After that he tried to do an Abridged Crossover which ultimately failed, thought it helped inspire TwilightWolf183 to start Trinity Blood Abridged in which Chidori328 plays as Cain in episodes 2 and 7. However, he was later rehired back into NC as well by Sasukedude. He also started a Buso Renkin Abridged Series, though it was canceled with episode 2 after some major issues behind the scenes. He's in an upcoming original animated series for Dragonball AF. He was briefly involved with The Sagas Council for a short period of time. When he wasn't doing voice acting work, he would focus on reviewing & working on a series known as "The Chris Ridgeway Show". He’s!

Projects & Roles[]


He can do a wide variety of voices, ranging from Vegeta to his own made up soft-spoken female voice. He can pull off Itachi, Orochimaru, Kurama, Vegeta, Kubwabara and even do voices along the lines of accents such as British (he's fooled someone from New Zealand with it before), Irish and Scottish. He can do different age groups: Male (adult), Male (teenager), Male (child), Female (adult), Female (teenager). He also can do many of the cast of Family Guy including Peter, Louis, Chris, Quagmire, Stewie, Cleavland, Hurburt, & Tobi.

Software Used[]

He uses Sony Vegas 8 & Windows Movie Maker to edit, as well as Audacity to record because it's free. He also once used it on an Alien vs. Predator fan-edit.