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Chicknwings is known for his history of abridged interviews, as well as doing an award show for abridgers.

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In 2006, Chicknwings first joined the video uploading site called Youtube after having heard from friends about it. He then began to post video blogs to get a head start on becoming a youtuber in mid 2007. Not knowing what abridging was, he was introduced to the community by the user named TwilightChrono, who at the time had done an abridged series called "Death Note ABP Abridged" with other abridgers such as WhiteAsh01 (formerly known as Frolegend), Semisoma1 (Now known as TheAzureCrow), MidnightSoma (or now known as MidnightDevont) and Vivimage. He was asked to voice in TwilightChrono's series as a few minor characters, namely people like Lind L. Taylor. After his roles in the series, Chicknwings was kicked out of the team due to some problems that had occured between the group. So he then decided to disband from the team to find more voice acting work. That's when he stumbled across RougeAbridger's Kenshin Abridged. Though still in development, Chicken wanted to help out. So Rogue allowed him to do so. He was then casted as Gohei & Sonosuke. Unfortunately, there was no updates on when progress would be made on releasing newer episodes, so Chickn decided to find more voice acting work. That's when he meet light09, an abridger who was working on a Peace Maker Kurogane Abridged. At the time he was looking for someone to voice as Suzu considering it was hard enough for him to voice so many characters. Chicknwings has been with the character from the beginning to the final episode of the abridged series, and even decided to help out with Light09's new series Aquarion Abridged in early June 2009. However, due to complications with other voice actors that were apart of the series, he soon decided to drop the project after only have gotten half way into the series and decided to move on to some of his own solo work. However still looking for more voice acting work, an abridger and all around good friend Cage500 decided to cast him as Aoki in Hajime No Ippo Abridged. To this day he still does the usual voice over work along with cameos.

Around the time of July 29th 2008, Chicknwings decided to help the community out by releasing "T.A.C." (a.k.a. The Abridged Community), a site/youtube channel that would allow under-rated abridgers to get exposure for their work that only have under 500 subscribers. The site had opened up to abridgers over at it's old Ning.com hosting and generated well over 1200 members. Unfortunately due to Ning having to charge people to keep the websites open, the T.A.C. site would be shut down on August 11th 2010. However thanks to the people over at ScoonySquad7, they decided to help out Chicknwings to create a new site that would be just for updates and abridging news rather then just a social network. With it only to have been up for one year, the site was soon taken down in August 14th, 2011 due to traffic being very low, and no contributors working to keep the site busy. So Chicknwings decided to go with a Facebook page for people to keep up with T.A.C. while checking up on their page.

Aside from the website aspect of T.A.C., the youtube account is where majority of the content is provided. Originally a place he posted the T.A.C. Podcast, he interviews different abridgers from all across the internet. Since late 2008, he's interviewed over +30 abridgers that have since paved the way for future abridgers to come.

In 2022 he became the host of "Select Screen", a gaming channel focused on interviewing mostly people in the gaming community, but would occasionally interview people from other communities such as PurpleEyesWTF.

Voice Acting Roles[]


  • Lind L. Taylor from Death Note ABP Abridged Ep. 2 by TwilightChrono
  • Gohei & Sonosuke from Kenshin Abridged by RougeAbridger
  • Suzu from Peace Maker Kurogane Abridged by Light09
  • Nnoitra from Bleach Soma Abridged by Semisoma1
  • Belowski from Yugioh: Abridged Generation X Ep.19 by Sephirex
  • English Judge from Phoenix Wright Trials and Abridgulations by Cardboardlawyer
  • Southern Worker from Megaman Abridged Ep.12 by Zeromaster
  • Random Announcer from Death Note Abridged Ep. 8 by 1KidsEntertainment
  • Gunman #2 from Gurren Lagann Abridged Ep. 2 by MegaLagann
  • Don Zaloog from Yugioh GX Abridged Ep. 25 by Raymscreator (never released)
  • Pierre from Aquarion Abridged by xLight09x
  • Aoki from Hajime No Ippo Abridged by Cage500
  • Kisuke from Tide by TheAnimeniacs
  • Taka/Tank from "A Brand New Abridged Series!" by LittleKuriboh
  • Random Gundam pilot from Gundam 00 Abridged S1 Ep. 16 by TeamDevilKitty
  • Mysterious Amazed Voiceguy from Outlaw Star Abridged Episode 1 by Team XGP
  • Himself from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Abridgerty Ep. 5 by LordQuadros
  • Koyomi's Father from Girls Bravo Abridged by GirlsBravoAbridged
  • Soldier #3 from Reign the Conqueror Abridged Episode 8 by GordianThong
  • Foster Bananes from Dog Days Abridged Episode 03 by Jurpintine


  • Informational Gai from Red Gai VS White Guy Trailor
  • Yammamoto from Bleach: Fade to Black Fandub by Semisoma1
  • Southern Soul Reaper from Bleachers: Shihakusho Ep.2, 3, and 4 by Sehenort
  • Pierre from "Guide to Aquarion" by Princeroy
  • Kisuke from Espada: Basura Al Azar Episode 2 by BlackAbridger


Durring his time on youtube, Chicknwings has interviewed various tallents for his youtube page for people to go check out. He's been known for these the most, and has caused the most amount of attention for his channel by getting under rated channels well needed exposure. He's also interviewed some very well known abridgers and abridged team ups in the past. The list provided bellow contains every abridger/abridged team that he has interviewed since September 20th, 2008, in numeral order.

  1. xLight09x
  2. Toonlord
  3. lilgogo21
  4. Semisoma & MidnightDevont
  5. Countabyss
  6. Gozar
  7. CanadianJutsu
  8. Princeroy
  9. xbeetxabridgedx
  10. Xexyzl & Xillix
  11. Cardboardlawyer
  12. Nathangraves989
  13. Fullmetalchao & Faithsmelody
  14. Antfish
  15. Angelelric
  16. Adamwestslapdog
  17. Little Kuriboh
  18. Raymscreator
  19. Guttedwrenstudios
  20. TeamFartTaco
  21. DarkSideIncorporated
  22. Just5Guys
  23. Magmabear
  24. Whip0fAlchemy
  25. Jurpentine
  26. Purpleeyeswtf
  27. Shamanstick
  28. LordQuadros
  29. Hendrixthecat2009
  30. CosmicPhoenixPro
  31. ScoonySquad7/TheScoonyCave
  32. Getsugabridged
  33. theWINchester
  34. Napiewocki
  35. TheMidnightFrogs
  36. Mattroks101
  37. TyrestGWA
  38. YunoInbox


LittleKuriboh has created a parody character of Chicknwings named Turkeylegs. Turkeylegs, who is Hayate Gekko from Naruto, hosts The Ninja Community awards and claims to have created ADBZA (a small time Dragonball Z parody actually created by Chicknwings), stating that 'Taking a cartoon and making fun of it' was his idea. He has described Chicknwings as a 'Jackass' because he didn't invite him to be on the panel of 'The greatest abridgers of all time'.