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This article is about the abridger known as Cheesemanjoe.


Cheesemanjoe started abridging alongside Takahata101 with their collaborated work in G Gundam abridged. After three months of abridging with a partner, Joe wanted to see if he could hold his own going solo. He released a trailer, on a his new CMJsamurai account, for a Samurai Champloo abridged. However Joe was contacted by Joninurameshi asking him not to do a Samurai Champloo abridged so that he could. Joe agreed saying that he had another series in mind aside from Champloo. A week later Joe released The first episode of Guyver: The Bio-Boosted Abridgement. The show received moderate success and praise from veteran abridger hbi2k. Joe released more episodes at random times, then dropped off the radar after episode 6 of G Gundam Abridged. He did a few small videos here and there but never anything major, until hbi2k's Pass GAS speed abridging contest. Cheese released a popular Guin Saga Abridged one shot that won runner up in the contest. A few months after the release of Guin Saga, cheese continued on with Guyver Abridged and even released a second episode of Guin Saga. Cheesemanjoe rarely appears in any series aside from his own because he never auditions for any saying that "I would rather people seek me out for roles because they think I'd fit it, not because I was the only one who auditioned for it".


  • G Gundam Abridged - Editor / Voice Actor / Co-writer
  • Guyver The Bio-Boosted Abridgement - Editor / Voice Actor / Writer
  • Guin Saga Abridged Parody - Editor / Voice Actor / Writer
  • Escaflowne Abridged - Voice of Dryden
  • Busuo Renkin Abridged - Voice of Washio