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Characters from Megami33's Sailor Moon Abridged.

Main Characters[]

Serena/Sailor Moon/Princess Serena[]

It is often joked that she is fat because of how much she eats which causes her to be bulimic. Her intelligence was significantly lowered from the original version (while she is fairly ditzy in the real series, she is downright idiotic in this version). Serena also has a tendency to break down and cry when insulted repeatedly. She often forgets things, like the fact she is Sailor Moon. Her eating habits are more severe than even the anime as she orgasms over sweets such as donuts and ice cream. It is implied that she will eat anything ("crepes, craps, my digestive system doesn't discriminate."), and she once threatened to eat a little boy when she tried starving herself to lose weight.

Her transformation music is "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. In an alternate dimension, her name is Victoria and her transformation song is "Hungry Hippo" by Parry Gripp. In season 2, her transformation song is "Candy Store" by Hyper Crush.

She is voiced by Megami33.

She is later revealed as the long awaited Moon Princess, and in this form laments how Prince Darian failed to bring her the pizza he had promised her but never given.

Raye/Sailor Mars[]

Raye is depicted as a goth who worships Satan, even though she is a Shinto shrine maiden in the canon.

She always talks in a yelling voice and seems to enjoy death and cutting herself. She wishes to go to hell and is very eager to die, but she doesn't seem ready to take her own life. She also enjoys pain and suffering and sacrificing people to Satan. She has two pet crows named Bloody and Dagger. A running gag in the show is that they can do Pokemon attacks, like Peck and Whirlwind. She is a sociopath.

The song played during her transformation is "We Be Burnin'" by Sean Paul. In the SMA the Movie: Promise of the Lost Rose, her transformation song is "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston. In an alternate dimension, her name is Dana and her transformation song is "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps.

She is voiced by KrisRix.

Amy/Sailor Mercury[]

One of Amy's running gags is that she talks in a quiet, mumbling voice that other characters cannot make out what she is saying, though later episodes have her speak with a dramatic squeaky falsetto voice, and the characters can understand her (she even raises her voice occassionally, mainly if extremely angered). It is revealed that Amy talks quietly after being caught talking during the Harvard entrance exams. Another running gag is that her attack, Mercury Bubble Blast, is completely useless.

Her intelligence is lower in the abridged version.

Amy's transformation music is "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. In the SMA the Movie: Promise of the Lost Rose, her transformation song is "Don't Trust Me" by 3OH!3. In an alternate dimension her name is Blue and her transformation song is "Blue" by Eiffel 65.

She is voiced by KrisRix.

Lita/Sailor Jupiter[]

In this version, Lita is actually a transgender woman and talks in a slightly masculine voice. She often falls for men who remind her of herself before she transitioned, and claims all her crushes seem to look alike. She has the most common sense out of all the Sailor Scouts.

Her transformation music is "The Church of Hot Addiction" from Cobra Starship. In the SMA the Movie: Promise of the Lost Rose, her transformation song is "Somebody Told Me" by the Killers. In an alternate dimension her name is Sarah and her transformation song is "Electric Boogie" by Marcia Griffiths .

She is voiced by Roll002.

Mina/Sailor Venus[]

Her voice is that of a valley girl. She is also very stupid, somehow more than Serena but is ultimately nicer than her. Throughout the series, it is heavily hinted that she is a prostitute. She is the only scout worthy of Revlon Wind. Her transformation song is "Wanna Do Your Makeup" by Scotty Vanity. In the SMA the Movie: Promise of the Lost Rose, her transformation song is "LoveGame" by Lady Gaga. In an alternate dimension her name is Carrie and her transformation song is "Venus" by Bananarama.

She is voiced by KrisRix.

Darien Shields/Tuxedo Mask/Moonlight Knight[]

Helps support the Sailor Scouts through his alter ego 'Tuxedo Mask'. He often insults Serena for her stupidity and for being fat. He doesn't remember anything from his childhood and suffers from more memory loss after the movie. He calls his transformations, 'strokes', and suffers from them whenever Serena transforms into Sailor Moon. Darien always attacks with a rose from the same direction.

As 'Moonlight Knight', he speaks with an exaggerated Arabic accent provided by LittleKuriboh and constantly denies being Darien, despite several slips of the tongue.

His transformation song has only been played once and it is "Lost" by Anouk.


Serena's talking space-cat who has a British accent (though she has contemplated speaking in a Western or Canadian accent) and has the magical ability to make items come out of "her butt". Luna is often frustrated by Serena's stupidity. She continues to surprise Serena by producing items (usually made from gold) from her butt.


Another talking space-cat who belongs to Mina. Artemis is always drunk and talks incoherently with an Australian accent. He is also discovered to be the 'Intelligence System' that Luna often consults for new information about the Negaverse. He has also been referred to as 'White Kitty' by Mina once, making him called a 'Stupid Barbie' in response.

Supporting Characters[]


Serena's school friend with a Boston accent. Molly is often caught in the middle of plots by Queen Beryl and her subordinates, and has become used to waking up surrounded by comatose bodies. She eventually falls in love with Queen Beryl's subordinate, Nephlite, and is extremely distraught after his death (so much so that she forgets to serve cookies with the orange juice she serves to Serena and Melvin).


Serena's nerdy "friend" at school who has an interest in pin worms. He has an inclination to stalk girls/women such as Miss Haruna at the gym or the celebrity Saffron. Melvin also makes jokes about the fact that Molly's boyfriend, Nephlite, is dead and Serena points out this might be the reason why Melvin can't get Molly to like him.


A friend of Darien's and one of Serena's (and Lita's) crushes. He speaks with a Canadian accent. Andrew works at the arcade and seems to be friendly with Serena. In Episode 24/25, it is revealed that he has a girlfriend, who Lita thinks is his mom. His girlfriend is named Rita who is an archaeologist who ends up moving to Africa and has one of the Pride Crystals. That episode is one of the last that we ever see Andrew in.

Serena's Family[]

Serena's family consist of her mom, her dad and her brother. Serena has no clue about who her brother actually is and thinks he is the cleaning lady's illegitimate child. Serena's family can be cruel to Serena, pointing out her weight problem and her lack of talent.

Queen Serenity[]

The Queen of The Moon Kingdom and the mother of Serena when she was Princess Serenity. When Beryl destroys her kingdom, she laments the fact that she and her people spend all their time partying instead of building an army. She sent all of the girls, the cats and Darien into the current age before dying. She later reappears to restore Serena's powers and explain the concept of the show and movies having different continuities


Queen Beryl[]

The first major villain in the series, Queen Beryl initally plots to gather energy for the Negaverse. Her main base is in a dusty cave underneath a nuclear power plant. She is rarely seen standing up and this leads her subordinates to think she is paraplegic. She likes listening to Kelly Clarkson songs on repeat and watching PornoTube. She also implied to be a hermaphrodite.

She is eventually defeated by Serena.


Queen Beryl's first subordinate spends his time as a salesman as well gathering energy for Queen Beryl. He sells cable phone and internet access packages as well as smoothietastic machines. Queen Beryl kills him after he constantly fails to gather energy for the Negaverse. After his death, some of the characters thank him for introducing them to the internet. He also constantly would disguise as a homosexual, though he might have actually been one.


Queen Beryl's second subordinate has a firm belief in the power of the stars and uses them as part of his plan to gather energy, despite the stars constantly being wrong. A running gag is the fact that he constantly forgets Molly's name prompting her to remind him "It's Molly." Eventually he realises he has feelings for Molly and corrects himself when he gets Molly's name wrong. He is eventually killed while trying to protect Molly from minions sent by Zoicite.


Queen Beryl's third subordinate. Zoicite is constantly mistaken gender (a reference to when he/she had his/her gender in the DiC dub), and even states twice that he/she "Doesn't know what [he/she is] anymore." Zoicite is known to be in a romantic relationship with Malachite, and yet again, no one is sure about whether they are in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship. Zoicite often laughs in a very high pitched and girlish manner. A running gag in the beginning with Zoicite is that he/she will often argue over things that fans are also unsure of. For example, they fight on whether they work for the Negaverse or the Negaforce. They also fight over whether it is the Imperium Silver Crystal, the Silver Imperial Crystal, or the Silver Moon Crystal. He/she is killed by Beryl herself and dies in Malacite's arms.


Queen Beryl's fourth and final subordinate. He is often sensitive based on his appearance and is in a homosexual/heterosexual relationship with Zoicite. Malachite is possibly the most powerful of Beryl's subordinates and also seemed to last the least amount of time.


One of the Doom Tree twins sent to earth to collect energy for the Doom Tree. He masquerades as a Russian foreign exchange student, and often says "In Soviet Russia,(insert joke here). He is sercetly in love with Serena. To summon the Cardian monsters, he plays a song on his flute, which sounds much like Lady Gaga's songs.


Alan's partner who masquerades as his sister. She becomes angry when Alan shows affection for other girls, despite being in love with Darien.