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The characters of Naruto the Abridged Series

Main Characters[]


Voiced by: Vegeta3986

Like the anime counterpart, Naruto wants to be a Hokage. In the first episode he said his English catchphrase, "Believe it", but in the end stopped; later this joke was revisited and he found it to be annoying. He has since tried to find a new catchphrase, even thinking about using a phrase such as "Bumamehores", (which shocked Kakashi). Naruto has the ability to summon a giant chicken named Clucky to fight his opponents.His Dancing skills are horrible (Lee doesn't think so).


Voiced by: Vegeta3986

Like in the anime she is in love with Sasuke, but here she is lovestruck to the point of stalking. It is often noted that she might be hiding feelings for Naruto. She is considered useless and annoying by many characters and everyone hates her. She claims to be a bitch 99% of the time with the remaining 1% being a leprechaun. She sounds like Miss Piggy from the Muppets. She enjoys reading People's Magazine, beating up puppies, and stealing money from orphans.


Voiced by: MasakoX

As a joke from many fan fictions, he is called the Emo boy. He knows a lot about the Emo subculture and, unlike the anime counterpart, seems to find Naruto as a friend. He wants to kill his brother because he ate the last Klondike Bar. His favorite bands are Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Dashboard Confessional, and Fight Star (all Emo or Emo-associated bands). Sasuke has a second enemy, the Log.


Voiced by: MasakoX

He seems relaxed and is like his anime counter part. He has moments where he doesn't care for his ninja students. He hints at relations with Anko, which is a joke on fan fiction pairings. He has a habit of having flashbacks with information slightly altered, (him being called a "sexy man" by both Kurenai and Asuma, ect).

Kakashi has a strange habit with milk; he loves to shake the carton, giggle, and say "Moo". He also seems to have a sick love for animals; whenever he says the said animal's name, he makes the sound of the animal. Sasuke urges him to get help for his obsession. Kakashi refuses to believe such claims, but when Sasuke asks Kakashi's pet pug Pakun for his opinion, Pakun says "Please don't leave me alone with him." He also can speak Muffled.

Secondary Characters[]


Voiced by MasakoX

The Grandson of the 3rd Hokage, unlike the anime counterpart he doesn't get along with Naruto.


A giant chicken that Naruto can summon. He is shown to be quite large and many characters (such as Gaara and Kabuto) seem to fear it. Clucky is shown to be quite powerful (as Naruto didn't need to use the Rasengan to defeat Kabuto and Orochimaru was in turn defeated in one hit by him). Clucky's only rival seems to be the Log and in Episode 17 of the series, the computer hinted a match between the two which many fans anticipate will take place at the Valley of End.

The Log[]

A log which seems to be Sasuke's second rival (second only to Itachi). The log is a reference to a joke in the main series where Sasuke seems to confuse opponents with a subsitution jutsu during his early days. The log seems to be quite powerful as it defeat Sasuke quite easily in a practice match and it's only rival seems to be Clucky.

Sakura also summons it once, which makes Dosu run away in the Forest of Death.


Voiced by: Vegeta3986

He always talked in Muffled due to his bandage and after the first time he is featured all his speech has subtitles. He survived being buried alive and even broke into a toy Store to get a Zabuza sword because "[His] doesn't cut through rice paper." His Theme song is "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer.

When his mask is removed, he has a very weird sounding voice that seems to be based on Jerry Lewis.


Voiced by: MasakoX

Haku is a reject mime.

In NTAS he is written as a girl to avoid confusion. She also survives with Zabuza, she is also good at going through a flashback in a short amount of time.

Gaara (of the Funk)[]

Voiced by: Vegeta3986

He isn't as antisocial as the original but he can kill without a problem. He is a user of the DDR and kills anyone who loses to him, the Sole Exception is Rock Lee. Whenever his name with his title are said, the screen shifts through colors of yellow, red, blue, and green (This also happened when Uncle Expendable "*Yashamaru*" said "Friends of the Funk"). The only exception is when Kabuto said it. The reason being that nobody listens to Kabuto. He beat Koenma in DDR in Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged Parody Episode 14 with his nickname Sandman3986.When one of Koenma's Ogres said his name after his phone call the colors changed again.


Voiced by: Vegeta3986's Girlfriend

Her funk power is Guitar Hero. She is a card-carrying girlfriend of Vegeta3986. She usually wins her fights or her opponent is told off by Vegeta3986.


Voiced by MasakoX

Before he could use his funk power he lost to Shino. Kankuro often cries over the lose of his uncles, for example Jimmy and Expendable. He has a Naruto Doll based on the American dub version, who constantly says "believe it!" He also had a habit of making Manwhich jokes until he was threatened by Gaara. People like to make fun of him and tell him to shut up.


Voiced by: MasakoX

Same as the original, shy and soft voiced. Loves MasakoX and Naruto.


Voiced by MasakoX

Kiba's character is based on either Bill or Ted from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Neji is his character counterpart. As he's voiced by Masako, he has a slight British accent.


Voiced by Vegeta3986

Has a weird nasally accent. He is a bug freak, and is always making sure that nobody else forgets that he is.


Voiced by ???

Shikamaru is a lazy "good-for-nothing" who sleeps a lot. How he won his fights is still a mystery. The intelligence from the canon anime is gone, replaced with...nothing.


Voiced by: MasakoX

Like Sakura, loves Sasuke, or at least she blames the writers for it, she claims that it if it were to her she would go for Kiba. When she is featured with Sakura other characters seem to prefer Ino as a person. (EX. Iruka calling Ino Superior in every way to Sakura, Ninja Academy students saying Ino wins the race against Sakura)


Voiced by: MasakoX

He talks in a Jolly old English accent and often uses overly complicated language.


Voiced by Vegeta8639

Like Kiba, Neji's character is based on arguably Bill or Ted from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. He is very go-with-the-flow. He also claims that it's an X on his forehead and not a Swastika like in the original manga. He also calls the Byakugan, "Bye-Ack-you-gan".


Voiced by MasakoX

Tenten...never gets any screen time, as shown by the fact that she always gets interrupted before saying something. The amount of words she speaks is 8. During her only battle so far, she lost in about 3 seconds.

Rock Lee[]

Voiced by MasakoX

Has a Canadian Accent and the sharingan can't work on him due to his Diplomatic Immunity. Says "eh" a lot and can be tempted with maple syrup and hockey. He lives to destroy Emo.


Voiced by:MasakoX

No one listens to him, has a British Accent, and is very annoying. He also collects and has a large stack of ninja cards; when asked where he keeps them, he refuses to answer.

Stretch Armstong/Misumi[]

Voiced by Vegeta3986

Stretch Armstrong refers to a super hero from the 90's of the same name. He could stretch his body in a similar way to this character. Lost to Kankuro's American Naruto Doll. He's not very good with comebacks.


Voiced by ???

Basically an Anime Flagger; lost to Sasuke after taunting him.


Voiced by: MasakoX

Viewed as weak and worthless by everyone. Even the computer makes fun of her lack of character development and "Bell" abilities. She loses her fight with Shikamaru simply because she sucked as an anime character.


Voiced by: MasakoX

Strong like his original, but lost to Shino after they fought about his anime's voice actors lack of voice change. He also joined the Sound Ninja because Orochimaru promised him candy, but he never got it.


Voiced by ???

He sounds like Stitch. He's a big fan of the Pokémon card games, and will not hesitate to defend the games if they are insulted by someone else. He defeated Choji using his ultimate attack, the David Mill Attack. Between the exams, he asked Gaara (of the Funk) if he could borrow some sand for kitty litter; Gaara accidentally gave him too much, and he was buried and suffocated.


Voiced by Vegeta3986

There are multiple hints throughout the series that he is a pedophile and does not want to take over the world. He also can't disguise himself; he often wears some odd t-shirt, including one that says "I am Naruto". It is also revealed that he is a woman, but no one seems to care.He's Jewish.


Voiced by: Vegeta3986

A pervert, though he did find Naruto's Sexy Jutsu to be "wrong". He doesn't want to be a Hokage because they all die. He is a huge fan of the Rower.


Voiced by: MasakoX

Has a southern accent and sucks at gambling to the point that she can't tell the difference between a card game and roulette. She also seems to be rather stupid; when Orochimaru revived her dead lover, Dan, and her brother, Nawaki, she was unwilling to accept that they were alive and beat them both up just to prove her point.


Voiced by: Vegeta3986

She is the assistant of Tsunade, though she is depicted as being forced into that role by Tsunade. She doesn't know Raido Namiashi's name, and accidentally calls him Elizabeth.


Voiced by: Vegeta3986

He smokes a lot, or at least he would if 4Kids didn't take it away and replace it with a raspberry lollipop, (possibly a reference to the 4Kids dub of One Piece where Sanji's cigarette was replaced with a lollipop). Has a western accent.

Kakashi warns Asuma not to smoke as that will kill him. However, Asuma assures Kakashi he doesn't have to worry about dying from smoking, to which the screen flashes SPOILER ALERT (a reference to his death at the hands of Akatsuki member, Hidan).


Voiced: MasakoX

Character hasn't changed, but her voice is a tad deeper. She also seems to retain her intelligence. It would seem she longs for a real battle.


Voiced by MasakoX

The fact the Hayate coughed in the original story is exaggerated. In one point, he coughed for three hours. He also seems to like computers. Unlike his anime counterpart, in this series he survives his encounter with Baki (with Baki being the one killed off). Later, the computer betrays him, which hurts him deeply.


Voiced by: Vegeta3986

His character is very dumb. He is killed by Hayate, much to the Baki Fan Club's disappointment. He likes pink ponies.


Voiced by MasakoX

A southern farmer-style guy who speaks with a Southern accent. He hates technology. It seems that he puts unnecessary amounts of energy into everything he does; he stayed up till 3:00 AM working on a tournament table for 9 people.

The Computer[]

No voice.

While not an actual character in the series, the computer refers to the machine used to randomly select pairing in the pre-lims of the Chunnin exam. During the Sound and Sand attack, Hayate asked the computer for help, at which it became like HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The voice of the computer is also based on HAL 9000. Was programed by the 3rd Hokage, as at one time the matches were Sasuke vs. Sasuke and The Log vs. Your Mom.

Might Guy[]

Voiced by Vegeta3986

His voice sounds like Sean Connery. Numerous jokes have been made about his body (naked pictures of him) with everyone being disturbed. Regardless, he is Kakashi's greatest rival and willing to sacrifice Tenten to make Rock Lee feel better about surgery. Kabuto beat him at the James Bond larp.


Voiced by Vegeta3986

He gives out tests on Anime (the Comic Party) that people don't know much about and usually punishes those who fail by making them watch Anime that nobody wants to watch. He is not a fan of NaruSasu (NarutoXSasuke). He also seems to have known Kankuro's uncle Jimmy; when he told a story about a time he lost his friend in a war, Kankuro cried out "Uncle Jimmy!".


Voiced by: MasakoX

The Snake Woman who is said to have relations with Kakashi. Her outfit is kept in the perfect position by the FCC. When Kureni tells Kakashi about his comment on Anko, she is heard in the background saying, "Wo-Ho Threesome"

Third Hokage[]

Voiced by: Vegeta3986

Somewhat idiotic and senile, he seems to be on medication because he is in a foul mood without it. He also makes a lot of ridiculous decisions such as not promoting Naruto from Genin to Chunnin due to the fact he sneak attacked Neji, whilst he promoted Shikamaru to Chunin despite the fact that he gave up his match with Temari and went back to sleep. He hates it when people mock the Pudding Dragon (Earth Dragon Jutsu). His ultimate attacks are the Old Man Long Lecture Jutsu (which he easily defeats the revived 1st and 2nd Hokages) and the Exploding Heart Death Seal (Reaper Death Seal) which despite the name doesn't explode one's heart, but steals their souls. He also has the ability to summon Enma The Monkey King which he calls, "Golden Magic Monkey".

Golden Magic Monkey[]

Voiced by: MasakoX

Real name is Enma the Monkey King, but is refered to as Golden Magic monkey by the Third Hokage. He tries to prevent Orochimaru from performing a sword attack he learned from the Empire Strikes Back, but failed.


Voiced by Vegeta3986

Jirobo likes to eat...and that's pretty much it. He's also the only character to notice that Choji wears underwear on his head. His voice is almost identical to Jiraiya's.


Voiced by MasakoX (ep. 30) / ZeroMaster (Vegeta's ep 31)

Kidomaru is fond of spider puns. Really fond of them. Most of his tactics are "gross" as described by Neji, especially his spitting and his sweat.

Sakon and Ukon[]

Voiced by ???

Sakon and Ukon have a really raspy voice. They consider the Sound Four part of a "barbershop quartet" of sorts, but easily get offended if the group is insulted. They also seem to dislike Kidomaru's puns. Sakon and Ukon are also genre savvy, as they predicted that their fight scene would've been cut off. They're also convinced that they are 100% not creepy.


Voiced by MasakoX (ep. 30, Masako's ep. 31) / Vegeta3986 (Vegeta's ep 31)

Similar to Gendo, Tayuya has a Southern accent and speaks in a similar way. She thinks that she's more clever than she really is, as shown when she thinks Shikamaru and Naruto are planning something when Shik's just talking about how he doesn't like carrots.


Voiced by ???

Terminally ill; he carries an IV drip around with him. Seems to like Scooby Snacks, even though it doesn't make any sense. He belittles the Sound Four after one of them gets defeated by Choji, the most "worthless" member of the team.


He is a drunk old man who is bad with money, he also calls Inari, Gilligan.

Giligan (Inari)[]

The Grandson of Tazuna and Adopted son of Mako Tsunami. He is called Gilligan and he doesn't know why people call him that

Mako Tsunami[]

A joke character from [[Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged". He helps Gilligan and references that he learned not to Harpoon people.

The Rower[]

The Rower is the person who ferried Naruto and his teammates to the Land of Waves. He loves to sing, but he has a horrible singing voice. His music is loved so much in the Land of Waves that those who hate it are called infidels. He even has an album called The Rower's Greatest Hits. Jiraiya is a fan of him and he only accepts Naruto's request to train him when he transforms into The Rower.


Voiced by MasakoX

Tsunade's younger brother whom unlike his anime counterpart, wanted to grow up to be a fireman, a police officer, and have a puppy rescue. He dies, but is later revived by Orochimaru, but is beaten to a pulp by his sister whom for some reason can't accept the fact he is alive.


Voiced by MasakoX

Tsunade's boyfriend whom is like his anime counterpart. He dies in war, but is revived by Orochimaru. He is however beaten to a pulp by Tsunade who can't accept the fact he is alive. When Tsunade accepts the title of Hokage in the memory of her brother and lover, he shouts "We're still alive you crazy bitch!". Tsunade however still neglects to acknowledge his life and he shouts "Goddamn it".


One of the village elders, who tried to become Hokage. He has an imaginary friend named Jerold or Gerold and likes to wear fake mustaches.

Mummy Guy[]

He claims to be a nameless character in the original series so far, but in reality he has a name (Tonbo Tobitake). His first appearance is during the Chunin exam where he said he would beat up another "nameless" genin because he did not have a name either. He is later referenced in a flashback, where the Third Hokage randomly promotes a bunch of people to Chunin, including him..


Voiced by: Vegeta3986

Sasuke's older brother whose voice isn't messed up, and his character isn't altered much either. Unlike the anime, him and Kisame do not get along (not sharing Kisame's opinion on a certain anime). In this series, his Tsyukiomi attack causes the victim to dance in Caramelldansen fashion for 72 hours. His favorite drink is evil tea. He also claims that while he is difficult to find, he thinks Carmen Sandiego is harder to find than him.


Voiced by: MasakoX

Itachi's partner in crime. His voice makes his character a parody of Jabberjaw, he even did the trademark, "Nyap, nyap, nyap". He also likes to wear fake mustaches. He bugs Itachi constantly. As in the original story, he does not disobey Itachi, but only because Itachi threatens or degrades him. He likes Soilant Green Snacks because he says they're tasty and people-flavored.


Jiraya teached Naruto how to summon him by punching him from a cliff. Almost every word he says gets bleeped. Like when he yelled "Who the F**k are you?!" when he first met Naruto.

One Timers[]

Needs addition


The first villain. He made Naruto steal the Forbidden Scroll, which he could have done himself if Naruto could have done it. He wanted to sell it for One Piece Merchandise and before he got beaten senseless by Naruto he was screaming "Gotta Go Gotta GOOOOO!!". His fate is unknown.

The Map Quest Guys (Oboro, Matthew, and Walter)[]

The Map Quest guys are implied to be hopeless with technology - Matthew and Walter got lost thanks to Map Quest. That said, it might have been because Walter is half blind and Matthew is completely blind. Walter and Matthew are also hopeless at aiming crossbows; it is because of Matthew's poor aim that Walter's half blind. As for Oboro...he appears to be kind of retarded, since his Naruto disguise sucked, and he called it "clever" that Team 7 would jump off a burning boat.

Nameless Leaf Ninjas[]

Voiced by: Vegeta3986(?)

They were the two ninjas that confront Gaara before his fight with Sasuke. One of them is upset that Vegeta3986 and MasakoX had copied LittleKuriboh and the other was upset that they changed some of the details of the story. They actually have a name, though it's not mentioned in the parody.


Porkins was only seen in the fight between Gaara and Sasuke. Sasuke was using his chidori and Porkins came in and was killed, much to Gaara's dismay. The character Porkins was from Star Wars: The New Hope.

Narcoleptic Jim[]

The Guard of the Leaf Village, he sleeps a lot and he is supposed the village's first line of defense.

Bishounen no Jutsu Guys[]

They are the two chuunin gate guards who have been known to transform into bishounen a.k.a. pretty boys. Their entire existence is to poke fun at the Naruto background characters. When referred to as the Bishounen no Jutsu guys one exclaimed "We have names, you know!" at Tsunade. Their real names are Izumo and Kotetsu though they don't get referred to by name in this parody.

Raido Namiashi[]

He's a servant of Tsunade who was sent to assassinate some runaway orphans. He also complained about Shizune not knowing his name as she healed him.