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This a listing of the characters from Batman: The Abridged Series created by Abridged Brothers. As expected in a parody, the characters for the series have similar personalities to their original counterparts; however some aspects are greatly exaggerated, as seen below.


Batman/Bruce Wayne[]

Bruce Wayne and Batman

Bruce Wayne (left) and Batman (right).

In the abridged universe, Bruce Wayne is the stereotypical rich douchebag who does not care about the people around him, is addicted to weed and flirts with all the ladies he meets. His intelligence varies in each episode or scene. He always gives the impression that he is quite smart by making quick decisions and thinking by himself, even if in practice he does the opposite or simply fails. Throughout the series, Bruce is also known for his weed addiction. The video "Batman On Crack" exposed Bruce's addiction when Commissioner Gordon showed him a pack of weed which resulted in Bruce going into a spastic attack and then sent to Arkham Asylum for rehab. Nevertheless, when Bruce takes the role of his alter-ego, Batman, he can be the greatest hero ever (but not without some luck).

Bruce is also known for having lots of ex-girlfriends. His last ex-girlfriend was Pamela (aka Poison Ivy) who he dumped her for personal reasons. Bruce did not know about her secret identity until Episode 5 where he reaffirmed that he did the right thing dumping her. However, in Episode 5 he was still showing some sentiments towards Pamela when he found out that his best friend, Harvey Dent, was dating her.

In Episode 6, Bruce showed interest in having a child. However, he ended up kidnapping Biggsee, one of Paedo Overlord's kidnapped orphans which leaded him to have his revenge on Bruce. Ultimately, Batman defeats him in a subway.

Bruce is the current owner of Wayne Enterprise, a company founded by his father which specializes in Brucy Deodorants. Although the company was never mentioned in the series, the Brucy Deodorant is a fairly known recurring joke.

One of Bruce's weaknesses is KFC. Although in the abridged universe KFC cures AIDS, Bruce tends to have nightmares due to it. Episode 3 and 11 clearly showed that.

He is voiced by DrMircow.

Robin/Dick Grayson[]

Dick Grayson and Robin

Dick Grayson (left) and Robin (right).

Robin is Batman's sidekick and apprentice. In the abridged universe, he is the typical wannabe-hero who is trying his best to become a great hero like his master but fails miserably. Due to his age and experience, he is the target of many jokes and often suffers abuse and misfortune from either his friends (especially Batman) or his foes.

One of his hobbies is rapping. Initially he wanted to become a rap artist, but it is yet unknown why he did not. He occasionally likes to remind Batman that he wants to become a rap artist to which Batman always replies in a negative manner.

In Episode 2, Robin said that his favourite film is Shrek. Moreover, he predicted that Shrek 4 would be a total letdown before the film was even released. Robin only appeared in Episode 2 and his lack of appearances is a recurring joke in the series. However, he did appear in a few non-episodic videos.

He is voiced by Alano Guy.

Alfred Pennyworth[]

In the abridged universe, Alfred is portrayed as a tireless gay butler who has worked for Bruce since his parents died. Even though he is never seen as a father to Bruce, he always takes care of him and boosts his morale during the darker times. He generally obeys to Bruce's commands.

Alfred was a fairly minor character in the series until Episode 4 where his personality started to change and his role having a bit more meaning to the storyline. The final part of Episode 7 was a crucial episode for Alfred because the storyline was revolving around him trying to save Bruce from Fat Bastard's camp.

Throughout the series, Alfred showed some feelings towards his master even if Bruce always denied them. In Episode 3 and 6, Alfred asked Bruce to have sex with him which ultimately left Bruce really disgusted. Even though Alfred raised Bruce since his parents died, he is a very poor babysitter, and that was shown Episode 6 when he was failing to babysit Biggsee, the orphan Bruce kidnapped from the Paedo Overlord.

Alfred is known to be a big fan of disco music. One of his favourite bands is Hot Chocolate and that can be shown in Episode 4 when he started singing You Sexy Thing to Bruce when he was shaving in the bathroom. In the non-episodic video "Where Is Everybody?", he was having a party and disco music was heard in the background.

Alfred's catchphrase "Wooh!" (or "Whooh!") is one of the most notable and important catchphrases which kept him a popular character in the series.

He is voiced by agunemon589.

Commissioner Gordon[]

In the abridged universe, Commissioner Gordon is an ally of Batman that appears in most episodes. By far, he is the most intelligent person in the series and this annoys some characters because he is frequently seen as a smart jerk. Furthermore, he never gets any kind of help from other characters when solving crimes, apart from Batman when he actually needs him and the Gotham City Police Department. Unfortunately, because of his high profile, he always gets prank calls from anonymous people without even noticing what they are till later on.

A scene in Episode 10 implied that Gordon somehow had some feelings for Harvey Dent when both of them crouched behind a car to dodge the bullets fired by Warner Brothers' men and stared to each other for a while. However, that could have been a coincidence. He is voiced by DrMircow.

Detective "Bollocks"[]

Originally called Detective Bullock, in the abridged universe he goes by the name of "Bollocks". He is perhaps the most controversial detective in the Gotham City Police Department. He is exceedingly clumsy, very arrogant and always claims he is the hero of the episode. At times, he is nothing more than an oafish comic relief character, while other episodes show him in a more serious context as a capable detective. Some episodes blend both of these aspects, thus giving more dimensions to the character. Despite his somewhat corpulent appearance, he is shown in a few episodes to be a capable fighter, for example in Episode 7.

He is probably best known for his love of bagels and his chubby voice. Furthermore, he is one of most popular characters in the series.

Detective "Bollocks" has his own spin-off show called The Bollocks Show where he is the host of a talk show. In each episode he talks about one particular topic.

He is voiced by Bagonaf.

Harvey Dent[]


Harvey Dent giving a speech in Episode 10.

Chuck Norris (Rapist)

The rapist within Harvey Dent awakes.

In the abridged universe, Harvey Dent was the District Attorney of Gotham City and Bruce's best friend before he became the infamous, Two-Face. He was portrayed as a honest man who would do anything for Gotham City and to stop Warner Bros. Entertainment from expanding its empire all across the globe, and this was especially shown in Episode 10. He was married to a woman nicknamed "Bitch".

Even though he looked like a prodigy, he had some dark secrets which he never told anyone apart from his therapist. Inside him slept the rapist from his childhood who he liked to call "Chuck Norris" (not related to the actual Chuck Norris). In Episode 10, "Chuck Norris" was awaken during a therapy meeting Harvey was having which showed the aggressiveness of him. It is presumed that Harvey managed to control him in the end because later in the episode Harvey was back to normal. Nevertheless, the rapist awoke one more time towards the end of the episode when Harvey got very angry due to Mr. Thorne blackmailing him. Following the fight with him in the chemical plant hideout, an explosion scarred the left side of Harvey's body, despite Batman's attempts to save him. The explosion caused him to keep the rapist's voice instead of his normal one. Since the explosion, he became Two-Face, a new villain in Batman: The Abridged Series who wants revenge.

Harvey was known for having nightmares due to "Chuck Norris".

In Episode 5, Harvey Dent dated Pamela (aka Poison Ivy) who was one of Bruce's many ex-girlfriends, but dumped her when he found out her secret identity, somewhat like Bruce. The date with her caused Bruce to be jealous and as a result he punched Harvey in the face.

He is voiced by Alano Guy (Harvey Dent) and Bagonaf (the rapist).

The Mayor[]

Throughout the series his name is never mentioned and people simply call him by his nickname, "The Mayor". As his name suggests, he is the mayor of Gotham City. In the abridged universe, he is portrayed as a terrible father who does not spend any of his free time with his son, Jimmy (although things change when his son gets kidnapped by the Joker in Episode 9). Moreover, he is a very tempered person who prefers meeting upper-class people only. As mayor of Gotham City, he would do anything to stop crime and the influence of the evil corporation, Warner Bros. Entertainment.

He is voiced by agunemon589.


The Joker[]

The Joker.

The Joker seen in Episode 9.

In the abridged universe of the Abridged Brothers, the Joker is the archenemy of Batman, having been directly responsible for numerous tragedies in Batman's life. Throughout the series, the Joker is portrayed as a master criminal whose criminal skills always failed him to succeed, and is a paedophile. When his plans fail and Batman catches him, he tends to mention something about his facial make-up and how Batman should remind his children that he loves them. Furthermore, most of the times his jokes or puns are quite flat and unfunny which is an irony because his own name suggests that he is supposed to be good at them. He is also one of the many who hate MTV, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Justin Bieber (this is depicted in Episode 9).

The Joker is not related to the Paedo Overlord, another paedophile villain featured in Batman: The Abridged Series.

He is voiced by agunemon589.


In Batman: The Abridged Series, the Scarecrow is a former psychiatrist who uses a variety of drugs and psychological tactics to exploit the fears and phobias of his adversaries. The most notable technique is the use of the gay gas which causes the victim to have feelings to another man or woman. Usually the side-effects are: mental-breakdowns, madness and diarrhoea. Not much can be said about his past or the reasons why he decided to turn into a criminal, but Episode 3 shows how he breaks in and steals all the money from Warner Bros. Entertainment, giving the impression that he wanted revenge and it was all Warner Brothers' fault. Nevertheless, he is best known for his retarded voice and his "douchebagy" clothes.

He is voiced by Jason.

Poison Ivy[]

In the abridged series, Poison Ivy is depicted as one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists. She is obsessed with plants, botany, environmentalism and mermaids. She uses toxins from plants and mind controlling pheromones for her criminal activities, which are usually aimed at protecting the natural environment. She is one of Bruce's ex-girlfriends and for a short period of time she was Harvey Dent's girlfriend, which Bruce despised. The most notable thing is her deep manly voice.

She is voiced by Jason.



Two-Face's first appearance in the series.

After an explosion in a chemical plant, Harvey Dent becomes Two-Face. He is portrayed as a vengeful character with one side of his body scared. He has the rapist's voice from Harvey's childhood.

He is voiced by Bagonaf.

Fat Bastard[]

Fat Bastard

Fat Bastard depicted in Episode 7.

Fat Bastard is a minor villain in Batman: The Abridged Series who only appeared in one episode. He was the owner of a big camp full of slaves working for him. Usually he was ordering his men to go around Gotham City and kidnap random people who he can turn into slaves. But everything changed when by mistake he kidnapped Bruce who later freed everyone. It is unknowns what happened to Fat Bastard after that, but the credits for Episode 7 showed that he went to a bagel contest and lost to Detective Bollocks.

He is voiced by Alano Guy.

Paedo Overlord[]

Like Fat Bastard, he is a minor villain who only appeared in one episode. He thinks he is the biggest paedophile in the world by living in sewers with kidnapped children, although it is unknown if he is in rivalry with the Joker who is another paedophile. The character is similar to Mr. Bumble from the novel Oliver Twist.

He is voiced by Alano Guy.


Sir Elias[]

In the abridged universe, it is unknown who Sir Elias actually is because he never makes physical appearances. Throughout the series, many characters like Batman and The Joker make a reference to him. Occasionally, he is mentioned at the end of a conversation. Nevertheless, his mystery is very popular in Batman: The Abridged Series, which makes him quite an important character.

The only time when some information about him is revealed is during the credits of Episode 7 (Part Two). The credits show Mr. Black, an important character from the episode, and just below him it says in brackets: "(Not to be confused with Sir Elias"). This suggests that Sir Elias is black.

Dr. Mircow[]

In Batman: The Abridged Series, Dr. Mircow is a Russian doctor who sounds like Borat. Although most doctors in the series sound like him, he is considered the most influential amongst them. He is also a fictionalized version of the real DrMircow himself. He made his first appearance in the non-episodic video "DELETE..." (note that the video is canon to the series).

He is voiced by DrMircow.

Summer "Glycerol"[]

Summer "Glycerol" is a reporter from Gotham City. Not much can be said about her except that her voice changes in different episodes. She can have a very high pitched voice or a girly one. In Episode 3 she mentioned that she loves Sir Elias.

She is voiced by DrMircow and Jason.

Bruce's Dad[]

Although dead, he made a small appearance in Episode 3 in his spirit form. He told Bruce that he disappointed his dad and because of that he is gay. Later in the episode, Bruce finds out that his dad never meant to say that and it was the Scarecrow's gay gas which made him hallucinate.

He is voiced by Bagonaf.

Andrew Ryan[]

In the abridged universe, Andrew Ryan is the commander of the Gotham City Police Department who only appeared in Episode 8. He is a very arrogant and nasty person. He would do anything to be superior than anyone. Also, he hates women.

He is voiced by agunemon589.


"Bitch" is the nickname of a policewoman who appeares in Episode 8. She is best known for her really annoying voice and she is the one who actually solved the case of the missing bagels. When she is in duty, she is discriminated by other policemen in the Gotham City Police Department because she is a woman.

She is voiced by agunemon589.

Unnamed Policeman[]

He is a retarded policeman from the Gotham City Police Department who speaks gibberish. His partner is "Bitch, and like her, he featured in Episode 8. Not much can be said about him but in Episode 8, in his flashbacks, he showed that he is partially a coward. Also, he tends to ask "Does it included me?" quite frequently when someone gives a statement, which is probably due to his retardation.

He is voiced by agunemon589.

Mr. Black[]

Mr. Black is one of the main protagonists of Episode 7. He is a muscular black man who was a slave at a camp owned by Fat Bastard and his only friend then was Ginger. The most notable fact about him was that he suffered of AIDS. The only cure was eating KFC. When Bruce was kidnapped by Fat Bastard's men and sent to his camp, Mr. Black became his friend and ally. He even helped Bruce in a fight with Fat Bastard's men. At the end of the episode, when Bruce freed him and the rest from the camp, he gets cured by Bruce as a recompense for helping him in the camp. He now lives a normal life with his family.

He is voiced by agunemon589.



Ginger watching a fight.

Ginger is one of the main protagonists of Episode 7. Like his name suggests, he is a skinny ginger kid whose only friend is Mr. Black and worked as a slave for Fat Bastard. Throughout the episode he is portrayed as an useless person and a coward. Also, he wanted to dye his hair because he was always mocked for his hair colour. When Bruce freed him and the rest from the camp, he lived his life in an apartment with another ginger who worked as a slave for Fat Bastard as well. It is unknown what happened to him after that.

He is voiced by Alano Guy.


In the abridged universe, Jimmy is The Mayor's son. Since he was small he wanted to become a magician but his father always beat him for that. Jimmy played an important role in Episode 9, when he got kidnapped by the Joker without knowing who he actually was. That was also when his father actually changed his attitudes towards him because he never knew how it was without a son.

He is voiced by DrMircow.


Biggsee appeared only in Episode 6, as an orphan child who was only able to talk in his mind and was one of Paedo Overlord's slaves trapped in sewers. During the episode, Batman kidnapped him to fulfil his goal of having a child, although most of the time Alfred looked after him. Later in the episode, he helped Batman to find the rest of the children kidnapped by the Paedo Overlord.

He is voiced by Alano Guy.

The Irishman[]

The Irishman is an important character in Episode 7. Somehow he is a friend of Bruce who helps him with his work. In the episode, he took the blame for unintentionally leading Bruce into a trap. Also, his family ditched him because he went bankrupt due to the poor crop growth. Fortunately he becomes rich due to an amazing crop growth the following year.

He is voiced by agunemon589.


Carlos is a minor character who appeared in Episode 10 and was a good friend to Harvey Dent. He is Spanish but knows English very well. There were rumours that he was gay.

He is voiced by Jason.


Beefy is only mentioned in Episode 7 to Bruce as a peeling trainer. It is yet unknown who he really is.

Microsoft Sam[]

Microsoft Sam only features for a couple of seconds in Episode 7. He was one of the first people to be "binned" by Fat Bastard. When Bruce freed everyone from the camp, he went to become the new CEO of Microsoft.

He is voiced by himself.

Chuck Norris[]

Chuck Norris made a brief appearance twice in both parts of Episode 7. He was working for Fat Bastard in his camp. However, he is not to be confused with the rapist inside Harvey Dent who has an identical name.

He is voiced by Jason.