Abridged Series Wiki

Main Characters[]

Naruto Uzamaki[]

The main protagonist of the series. Much like the Naruto from Naruto the Abridged Series, he gave up the catchphrase 'Believe It' in the first episode. He developed hatred of Gaara when he became Kazekage. Like in the anime, he is the only one in Konoha 11 who is still a Genin. He is often gullible and falls for the simplest tricks.

Sakura Haruno[]

Another main character of the series. Like all the other abridged series, she is essentially useless.In the first episode, she spoke in a Middle-Eastern accent until her original voice actor quit. She then had a normal voice though that does not change anything about her reputation.She still had her Inner Sakura but abandoned it in episode 10.

Kakashi Hatake[]

Another main character. Kakashi is a fan of Jiraiya's books, much like in the anime. He is sometimes serious and gets annoyed by Naruto's antics. He often masturbates, which explains why he is always late. Kakashi, unlike in the anime,is sometimes rude to his team, not even wanting to say good morning.

Supporting Characters[]


The Fifth Hokage. Tsunade was considered stupid, much like in the Naruto Abridged Series. Jiraiya's dedeuces that age must have caught up with her. She hates being corrected by people, most often Shizune, threatening to bitch-slap the latter all the way to Part 1.


An assistant of Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage. She has a slightly perverted nature as she wanted to see Kakashi romancing his ding-dong.


He is the Kazekage of the Sand Village. Gaara depicted as a womanizer and has bitches, much to Naruto's envy.He is presumably a hater of Micheal Jackason. He calls himself 'Gaara of the Bitches'. Not much is known about him on Wikipedia which only says that Gaara is the Smex.


The grandmother of Sasori. She has a voice that is mixed between a man and woman.She claimed to have sex with a man named Bill who resembles Kakashi who stole her unborn son, as a result she developed a grudge against Bill. Though she was unaware that Bill died ten years ago. She is quite insensitive with her grandson, not remembering that Sasori was her grandson.


Kankuro is the elder brother of Gaara and younger brother of Temari. He seemed to lack intelligence as he was tricked by Sasori that the kidnapped Gaara was going to Disneyland even though the latter was tied up unconscious.


The brother of Chiyo and Granduncle of Sasori. In his debut, he was thought to be deaf though in the later part of the episode and throughout the restnof the series, his hearing was fine. He hates Gaara because of the activities of today's youth.



He is a major antagonist of the series along with his partner, Sasori. He was thought to be gay by Sasori and Itachi. This proves to be likely as he claims to have sex with Gaara's dead body. his mechanical eye can be used to surf the Internet. He has a hard time pronouncing Jinchuuriki and thought of it as Ginger Beef Jerky. His species name is called Explodus Homosexus.


Sasori is another major antagonist of the series along with his partner, Deidara. He claims to be Chrolophobic. He is often at the end of his partner's antics and stupidity. Sasori mentioned that he is 64 years old. He despises his grandmother Chiyo and likes to prank Sakura. He turned his body into a puppet to attract women. His species name is Fakeus Apparatus.

Itachi Uchiha[]

He is the older brother of Saskue and partner of Kisame Hoshigaki. His personality has barely any change and is similar to the anime. However, he has a small sense of humor. Like in the anime, he killed his entire clan for unknown reasons. His species name is Hazardous Handicapus.

Kisame Hoshigaki[]

He is the partner of Itachi Uchiha. Like in the anime, he hates Might Gai for not remembering his name and mocking his skin complexion. Kisame is revealed to be an Atheist. His species name is Aquarius Hybridus.


Hidan is the partner of Kakuzu. It was revealed that his mother died from diahorrea and cries at the mention of his mother. He hates Atheists. Hidan's species name is Smartus Assus.


Kakuzu is the partner of Hidan. Like his original anime counterpart, he loves money. He is cruel and often makes jokes about people. His species name is Freakous Phenominus.


Due to his split personalities, Zetsu is the only member in the Akatsuki not to have a partner. Both of his sides have seem to have sense of humor. White Zetsu apparently finds extracting the tailed beast disgusting. like in the anime, he is a cannibal. His species name is Carnivorus Planterius.


Tobi is another member of the Akatsuki. It's unknown who his partner is though he is often by Zetsu's side. He speaks in an Australian accent. He often makes fun of other Akatsuki members.(Especially Konan and Deidara.) His species name is Reallyus Madarus. He was apparently killed by Zetsu when he accidentally called his black personality the N-word.


She is the only female member of Akatsuki. She hates Tobi's guts because of her being the centre of Tobi's venomous barbs. Her species name is Vaginus Maximus.


Pain is the leader of the Akatsuki. He is often pissed off by the Akatsuki's antics and them arguing over trifle things. He, however, has a sense of humor as shown when he took part in Akatsuki's yo mama contest. His species name is Fearlus Leaderus.