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  • The series is no longer available for viewing, but still have informational articles on them. A series may become dead when the original channel is shut down and the series is never moved to a backup channel, or a significant number of episodes are removed and never re-uploaded. A series can avoid being sorted into the Dead category if a significant number of episodes have been kept available for online viewing by fans.
  • Includes series that produced only a few episodes before creator cancellation, and do not fit the criteria for retired series or one-shots.
  • Is considered "Dead" if the series did not get a proper conclusion, or confirmation that the series is "finished" by said creator.
  • Note that Dead abridged series are disqualified from being sorted into the “Retired”, “One-shot”, “Movie”, or “Completed” category, and are also typically removed from the general "Abridged Series" page.
  • Any series with no active external links will be allowed up to 1 year to find alternate links before having its other categories removed, during which time they are tagged with the dead series label: {{Dead Series}}

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