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Series Created:

Naruto: The Abridged Series

Naruto Shippuuden: The Abridged Series

InuYasha: The Abridged Series

NSTAS Status:

Episodes: 1-11 August 27th, 2007 - ongoing

ITAS Status:

Episodes: 1-8 September 30th, 2008 - hiatus

NTAS Status:

Episodes: 1-2 September 12th, 2009 - ongoing







A 29 year old university student, majoring in English Literature. CanadianJutsu has been on the abridging scene since mid-2007. One of the older abridgers (part of the second generation, along side Zeromaster, Khenpoe & ect.) that still abridge to this date. CanadianJutsu has released upwards to 20+ Episodes and countless specials (varying between Naruto and InuYasha). He is known to be both appriciated and disliked by fans and other abridgers. He is also known for the Abridger who has lost the most YouTube Accounts (if not counting the accounts that have re-uploaded LittleKuriboh and MasakoX & Vegeta3986's series) of the Community and who still abridges dispite of it.

Origin of the Name "CanadianJutsu"[]

The name "CanJutsu" was originally a combination of VGRCanada's and Tallie_no_Jutsu's (w07v3r) name. Though many fans thought the name was actually a third party/person affiliated with the two. After w07v3r's leave, CanadianJutsu took it as his own, and has used it ever since. It is often acronymed into CJ by his fans and colleagues. 

Abridged Series History/Bannings[]

CanadianJutsu (aka CJ) got his start in anime parodying back in late July of 2007 with the release of a video titled "Kisame? Who?". Though no longer up on YouTube this special kicked off his path to abridging. With it's creation he showed it to the up and coming MasakoX, who he had contact with through the VAA (Voice Acting Alliance). Masako, noting his potential but saying he needed much work, especially in the voice acting department and said he may have something good going. With those words CJ jumped to the idea of making his own Naruto Abridged Series, one that would rival Hedeki (Vegeta3986) and Masako's Naruto Abridged Series. Masako informed him it wouldn't be a wise choice and told him he should start with Naruto Shippuden, rather than Naruto. the series was fresh and new at the time of this decision and CJ agreed it was a sound choice.

After only one week of planning CJ submited his first script to Masako. It got the pass and CanadianJutsu began his search for another voice actor. Looking at a competitors YouTube page he found a user named w07v3r, interested in her music videos he saw her talent in video editting and asked her to audition. She responded immediately, and CanadianJutsu was quickly impressed. She took the roles of Sakura and Tsunade, and CJ took the rest of the male roles. Apart from the role of Sasuke.

Masako had offered to voice Sasuke to make it a more accepted amongst the fans of Naruto Abridged and for the most part it worked.

On August 27th, 2007. The first episode of CanadianJutsu's Naruto Shippuuden TAS was released and was met with mixed reviews by fans.

CJ strived on however and produced Episodes 2-4 very quickly in the passing weeks and the viewers were quickly warming to his series. Unfortunately the series came to a halt at this point because w07v3r (due to personal reason) had to step out of her roles. Though no longerpart of NSTAS, she still supports the continuation of the series to this date, often leaving comments of encouragement to the new cast and CanadianJutsu himself.

With her leave CJ was at a small loss, he knew adopting the characters himself would plumit the series into the ether of the rising popularity of abridging so he scowered the VAA for a replacement and aided by Williamdorf, found a girl by the username Catoni15. Surprisingly, though scouted, she sounded almost identical to w07v3r and went very much unnoticed as a change in the series to most of the viewers. It was at this point however CJ decided to add a third to the cast. MasterPilgrim. A friend of his over XBL (Xbox Live) he adopted the roles of Pain/Leader and Kankuro, and to CJ's surprised, was a much love addition to the cast.

They pumped out two more episodes adding the total to Six full episode of NSTAS and ammounted a 1000+ subscriber account which was rare back during the early 2008s. Everything seem to be going well but then YouTube struck. Freshly bought from Google, YouTube implimentled their Copyright Policy and CanadianJutsu's first channel, on March 14th, 2008, was wiped off the YouTube scene, only few days after Masako's account was removed.

However all was not lost. Before his banning (noticing Masako's removal) CanadianJutsu made a quick Akatsuki Special annoucing his new backup account, CanadianAkatsuki which seemed to work, however only a few weeks after its launch, it also surcomed to YouTube's new policy.

Fastforward a few months around June of 2008, after getting three additional accounts banned, CanadianJutsu gave up hope of ever returning to the abridging community. It wasn't 'til he spoke with Zeromaster and the up and coming LordQuadros (at the time) that he gained back his motivation. The three of them released, possibly one of the first one-shot/colab abridgedments on YouTube, called Megaman X4: The Abridged One-Shot, which got rave reviews from fans of both Zeromaster and LordQuadros. Many fans, after its released asked where they could find CJ's Abridged series and both had to respond that they "didn't know". 

This was the point that CanadianJutsu strived to continue NSTAS. He re-wrote the script for NSTAS - 07 and pushed it on his voice actors not knowing if they were still up for the task. Thankfully they did and under the new channel name, CanadianJutsuZ, the three pumped Episode 07 onto YouTube. Fans rejoiced that they weren't actually dead and they couldn't wait for them to get started again and everyone was in high spirits again, that was until...yet again...only a month later, CanadianJutsuZ was no more.

On August 7, 2008 CanadianJutsu chatted with Catoni15 on Gmail chat saying, "...well its official...NSTAS will be dying off tomorrow...". Believing that NSTAS was, indeed, truly over, Catoni15 honored his decision and wished CanadianJutsu the best of luck in whatever he chose to do (and even offered herself as help for whatever else he may need). That was the last time CanadianJutsu spoke to her. He has kept no contact with her since then.

Fast forward to September 15th, 2008: CanadianJutsu was talking to Scarlotte (a popular voice actress on the VAA) and the topic of his abridged series came up. She began telling him what a shame it was that he was sitting on his hands with his writing talent rotting way and that he should start abridging again. He coughed at the notion and said "I'll just get banned again..." in which she replied, "...that means you're doing it right." CJ still baffled at he sudden interest in his abridgedment decided to call it quits for the night but unbeknownst to him Scarlotte seemingly upset about her friends lack of enthusiasim decided to take it upon herself to write a rough draft of the first episode of InuYasha which she had just begun to re-watch. After a few days of PM tag she finally worked up the courage to send and ask him what he thought of the script. Though rough, the script showed great promise and CanadianJutsu couldn't help but give his two cents in on the script. After fixing up the script and adding, what both of them was far to much for a first episode, CanadianJutsu asked her who she was going to get to play InuYasha and she responded, "...you silly."

To Be Continued..


Main Projects[]


  • Bleach Soma Abridged - Ganju, Yoruichi (Cat Form), Jidambo, Riyan, Extras
  • 07-Ghost Abridged - Mikage, Castor, Captain Ayanami (aka Aizen), Hyuuga (aka Gin), Extras
  • Vampire Knights Abridged - Headmaster Cross
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn Abridged - Tsuna
  • Arcade Gamer Fubuki Abridged - Honey, Arcade Announcer, Referee, Extras
  • Disorganization XIII - Sora
  • K-On! Abridged Abridged - Yui.


  • Has lost nine YouTube Accounts. (CanadianJutsu, CanadianAkatsuki, NinjaCJ, JutsuCanada, ShippuudenCJ, CanadianJutsuZ, DogDemonCJ, InuYashaAbridgedFTW, IICanadianJutsuII)
  • Is a re-occuring voice actor for StudioTumbleweed, playing the most prodominant role of Kadaj, in Semisoma1's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete FanDub.
  • Has created the only continuous Abridged Abridged Series, Abridged K-On is Abridged.
  • Williamdorf described him as "The nicest asshole you'll ever meet." & most, if not all of his friends agree to that fact.
  • The only Yaoi pairing he will ever ship is Teito x Mikage from 07-Ghost.
  • Actually Canadian. Despite what some of his fans think.