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Blackflame52489 - (Mark L Barlow the First )

History and AMVs[]

He first started in 2004 making AMVs (to this day he has about 200 - 250 AMVs). He was well known for the True Master of Puppets AMV, and for Orochimaru Hisses. Youtube banned his account in late 07. He was so pissed off he didnt make a new account until late 08 only haveing a video posting to go to his myspace to watch a handful of vids (including new ones). After they began to ban the videos on Myspace he quickly decided to upload some AMVs to his youtube account, most notably the LittleKuriboh tribute AMV, Eye of the Joey. He has over 70 AMVs on his account BlackflameAgain on youtube and makes one about every 2 to 4 weeks if not quicker.


The idea came from many ideas, Blackflame52489 first watched Naruto the abridged series, then Yugioh, then Berserk, then

YuYuHakusho. The idea came to him, why not me, why not make Cowboy Bebop abridged series. Well when he looked he saw that there was two others. Aku's and MuthaFnCBA's Cowboy Bebop abridged series had not been touched in months, so Blackflame decided to dedicate more of his spare time to making it kick major boobage.


He first released on January 22nd of 09. All episodes are done by him, and him alone. He uses Windows Vista's WMM and all episodes are produced in high def (before having to press the HD button on youtube). He is currently redoing episodes 11 - 18 before releasing the newest episode 19-20.

Fun facts[]

  • The most viewed video was episode 7 at almost 500 until it was rereleased.
  • His favorite abridged episode is 7. His favorite original Cowboy bebop episode is 11.
  • Blackflame52489 is noted for being very dedicated to the series, being the fastest abridged to get up to 18 episodes in less than 6 months!
  • He got his microphone at Office Depot for 15 bucks, uses Audacity, and makes sure to unplug his laptop so the static flow doesnt inturupt his VAing.
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