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June 2017


JChippers, ZehOverseer, Wildcard Productions, Poptimus, Havenadian, MBTeddyGram, JTVA, MetalFireVA.









BridgeBrains is an abridging collaboration group. The group was founded in June 2017 when JChippers wanted to collaborate with a few of his abridger friends on an abridged series that he originally intended to make for his own YouTube channel.

The BridgeBrains YouTube channel contains both reuploads of individual members' series to fight copyright, and original series that the members collaborate on together. Any personal projects from members are uploaded to their personal channels.


BridgeBrains was founded June 2017 by JChippers, Nintles, and ZehOverseer after JChippers wanted to collaborate on an abridged series of Little Witch Academia with a couple of his abridging friends. They settled on the name "BridgeBrains" after ZehOverseer suggested it to emphasize abridging minds (brains) coming/bridging together to make something. Nintles then morphed this idea into a horror aesthetic for the channel, making the "Brains" part a reference to the undead.

On September 14th, 2017, JChippers announced that he was rebranding his Discord server (JChippers Friend/Fan Server) into the JChippers/BridgeBrains Server. He started adding more text and voice chats (also categories for these chats later), as well as specific roles for content creators, inspired by the AbLo Discord server. These new additions included art, audio editing, video editing, voice acting, writing, and a promotions chat for content creators to promote their work. JChippers has said, "This change came about after talking with a subscriber I had inspired to voice act after he watched my terrible series. I felt like I had to give back more. I want to promote my friends, and have smaller content creators get their names out there more, even if they could do so better in another server like AbLo." Since then, the server has been growing with fans and content creators.

On January 15th, 2019, group co-founder ZehOverseer announced his departure from the BridgeBrains team due to personal reasons. He felt he didn't contribute as much as the other members and had his own projects to work on. ZehOverseer became a recurring guest in some BridgeBrains projects. ZehOverseer returned to the BridgeBrains group on April 21st, 2020.

On February 3rd, 2020, highly talented editor and content creator Cubical Wings left BridgeBrains due to personal reasons. He lost motivation and passion for all online content creation he has done due to burnout from his job and content, and wanted to focus on his life for the time being. He returned in June 2020, taking his time getting back into content creation.

On April 19th, 2020, group co-founder Nintles announced his departure from BridgeBrains due to personal reasons. He wanted to focus on his own projects and find himself, which BridgeBrains supports.

Over the course of the group's few member departures, BridgeBrains has recruited some new talent into its group.

JTVA (Josh Toback) was recruited as an editor and VA, but has now been promoted to a "main brain". He heads the Dead Of Night Productions (formerly The Midnight Crew) team with MetalFireVA, who later was also recruited as a BridgeBrains member. With both heads of Dead Of Night Productions a part of BridgeBrains, the two groups have been working hard on many collaborations, including future projects with Slap Happy Chaps

Any other projects or announcements from BridgeBrains can be found on the BridgeBrains social medias.


  • Little Witch Abridged (Little Witch Academia parody)
  • Kiznabridged(Kiznaiver Abridged)
  • Land Of The Ludicrous (Land Of The Lustrous Abridged One Shot)
  • Goblin Slayer Abridged
  • Man Children (Hanamaru Kindergarten parody)
  • Abridgesuko (Aggretsuko Abridged) (TBA)
  • Gatchaman Crowds Abridged (on Twitch)
  • NEKOPARA TVAbridged (NEKOPARA TV Anime Abridged)
  • More TBA

Other Projects[]

  • BrainWatching (Pop culture podcast)
  • CryptCast (formerly Abridging/Production podcast, now chill talk podcast)
  • Beyond The Grave (Interviews)
  • BridgeBrains Presents (Special Personal Projects Brought To BridgeBrains)
  • BridgeBrains Classics (Old projects from individual members)
  • Brain Farts (Q&A Series)
  • More TBA

Affiliated Projects (Not On BridgeBrains)[]


Current Members

  • JChippers: Founder, Writer, Director, Audio Editor/Mixer, Voice Actor, and Brand Director.
  • ZehOverseer: Co-Founder, Video Editor, Writer, Voice Actor, and Composer.
  • Wildcard Productions (ADHDgonewild7): Video Editor, Audio Editor, Writer, and Voice Actor.
  • JTVA (DoN): Writer, Video Editor, Voice Actor, Audio Editor, and Composer.
  • MetalFireVA (DoN): Writer, Video Editor, and Voice Actor.
  • CubicalWings: Video Editor, Audio Editor, Writer, and Voice Actor.
  • Poptimus: Writer, Voice Actor, & Photoshop Artist.
  • MBTeddyGram: Voice Actress, Singer, & Artist
  • Havenadian: Video Editor, Voice Actress, Artist, Writer, & Audio Editor.

Former Members (as of May 9th, 2020)

  • Nintles: Co-Founder, Video Editor, Writer, Director, & Voice Actor.
  • Philsterman10: Voice Actor
  • MaxHenderson273: Sound Designer and Video Editor.