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Bree, or HeyThurTisBree to the Youtube community, is a Voice Actress, Producer, and an occasional writer/director. She is the founder of the fandubbing group Drawing Days Dubs and tends to put out Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fandubs. She started voice acting in July 2009.



Voice Acting

  • Too many to count.


  • She frequently voices boys instead of girls
  • She love's Skype
  • Bree adores Chocolate, Sour candies, spicy things, and anything with intense flavor.
  • She makes Bento Boxed lunch each morning
  • Bree hate's bald heads & cats.
  • Zelda Zelda Zelda.
  • 'How is Sonic not generous?'
  • Bree's first role was never released.
  • She frequently overworks herself.
  • She prefers Soul Silver over Heart Gold.
  • Bree has beaten Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time over 10 times.
  • Bree loves strawberry short cake.
  • Bree talks too much.
  • She enjoys cosplay way too much
  • In her spare time, when she is feeling nostalgic, she goes through disney, pokemon, digimon and sailor moon VHS and watch them over and over and over again.