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Alex Williams




United States

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Writing, editing, voice acting, abridging.



Borinyukami is known as the creator of the decently known Zatch Bell Abridged Series. He was also well respected, considering at the time of his fame he had produced a site that was at the point in time, a "replacement" for YouTube known as "The Abridged Underground", which after a period of time had suffered closure. His backup YouTube account is Borinyukami2.


Worked on Zatch Bell Abridged. Over time he had released a few other projects, but they had not received the success that Zatch Bell Abridged had. He has stated that despite his status and his series being fairly popular, he doesn't see himself as that important of a person like some people do.

Borinyukami has expressed support for the upcoming abridgers, some that were notable were VegetaSasuke0 and HN5353, who had both done an interview with him at the height of his abridging career before the two both declared their exits from the community.



  • Is displeased with the changes to YouTube over the years (like most people are).
  • His page also states: "I recommend a bit of everything. Everyone has different styles of humor, and the ones I named above all have very different comedy styles. There are a lot of great abridged series, try to watch as many as possible. "
  • He has happily and openly admitted to being a member of the LGBTQ (homosexual) community on multiple different occasions, and does not take gay jokes as offensive like most abridgers tend to do. He tends to avoid overreacting.
  • Is the son of fellow abridger and anime reviewer "Peothra".