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Bojack Unbound Abridged is an abridged dub of Bojack Unbound made by NormalFellow111 after Teamfourstar cancelled it due to it being "unabridgeable". It is about the heras in an role of space pirates trying to blow up Earth after it ruined the internet and stuff like that


  • The heras are fans of "Pirates of Caribbean" trilogy, which is fitting as they're given Caribbean accents in the american dub of this movie (except Zangya), and well, they're pirates
  • The author's King Kai voice, sounds very similar to his original VA - Jouji Yanami
  • Naturally, Yamcha is getting his *ss kicked (the author even adds the *insert laugh track*)
  • During the end credits, the side describes characters' "fates" after this movie, like in TFS's version (Christmans tree of might)
    • Zangya survives this movie, which is what happend in DBZA with Vinegar, Dr. Wheelo and even Android 16 (in DBK at least). It's stated that she became an space dentist, or something
    • Trunks wouldn't be bothered by Goku again, which kinda is wrong as Goku Black invades his world later on
    • Vegeta isn't in Broly second coming because "it's for the best", many fans suggest that he felt Broly's KI and stayed under his bed in fear of getting his *ss kicked by him again