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Blue Dragon Abridged
Created by Dragonpladin
Run June 7, 2008 -
Episodes 9
Link http://www.youtube.com/user/dragonpladin


Blue Dragon Abridged was originally created by dragonpladin, however Cheeselikescearl joined during the production of the first episode. The first episode was released on June 7, 2008. Currently their are nine episodes with 10 in the making. However, Dragonpladin did not want to abridge Blue dragon but rather Hoshin Engi. Hoshin Engi was only released in subtitled form and Dragonpladin did not wish to have subtitles in his series.'

It is unknown where Dragonpaladin is and if he will be continuing his series in the future. Due to Youtube DMCA bots, Dragonpaladin's official youtube has been removed and are now lost in the crevices of the internet.


Blue Dragon Abridged was originally edited with Window Movie Maker 6.0 Vista. However during episode eight pinnacle studio version 10 was used only for that episode. The series has always been edited by dragonpladin, and now uses Sony Vegas 7.0. The voice work was always been recorded on Audacity.

Opening themes[]

Though out Blue Dragon Abridged many openings have been uses simply because of the creators hatred for the original song. Also dragonpladin thought that the opening was so generic that if a song was put there it would match perfectly.

1. Your the best Around

1 and 1/2. Fury of the Storm

2. White and Nerdy

3. Viva la Vida

4.Heart of the Dragon

5. Dragon Ball Opening

6. Super Mario Remix

7. Though the Fire and Flames

8. Code Monkey

9. Live to win

Common themes/ Running Jokes[]

Running Jokes

Most running jokes only seem to last about for about two or three episodes. Some of which include "In Soviet Russia" , "Sword Fish Beer", that Jiro fails, and it shown very often and though logical deduction.

Common Themes

Most of the time the characters seem self aware, that they are in an anime, and sometimes the characters themselves reference the fact that they are just being brought over from a RPG game. The characters also tend reference Dragon Ball Z, Gurren Lagann, and various other anime. The characters also reference a significant amount of video games such as Tetris, Mario RPG, Mario Kart Wii, and many others.

Episodes (Youtube Account Flagged, Episodes Missing)[]

3 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5493561/Dragon%20Pladin%27s%20Blue%20Dragon%20Abridged/Blue%20Dragon%20Abridged%20Ep.%203.mp4
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