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Name BlueDrakmaVA
Age 19
Location USA
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BlueDrakmaVA, formerly known as RsGames1999, is an abridger and voice actor, best known as the creator of Fate/Apocrabridged, as well as the co-creator and editor of the first 3 episodes of Log Horizon Abridged by PhatDogStudios.


  • Fate/Apocrabridged - Creator, Writer, Editor
  • Blue Exorcist Abridged - Creator, Writer, Editor
  • CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard Abdridged - Creator, Writer, Editor
  • Fate/Zero Abridged One-Shot - Creator, Writer, Editor
  • Log Horizon Abridged (by PhatDogStudios) - Co-Creator, Co-Writer (Eps 1&3), Editor (Eps 1-3), Co-Director (Ep 3)


  • Fate/Apocrabridged - Vlad, Karna
  • Blue Exorcist Abridged - Rin, Yukio, Mephisto
  • Fate/Zero Abridged One-Shot - Kiritsugu, Grail
  • How To Be An Adventurer (by YaroShien) - Mord
  • Log Horizon Abridged (by PhatDogStudios) - Shoryu, Demikas, Isaac (All Eps 1-5)
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars - One Shot (by JTVA) - Mark
  • Bakugan Abridged Brawlers (by Abridged Brawlers) - Dan, Runo, Shun, Naga


  • BlueDrakmaVA is adamant that New Zealand doesn't exist, and is actually a lie made up by fruit companies in order to drive profits
  • He hates sponges. What ever you do, don't mention sponges around him, he'll freak the fuck out.
  • One time, he ate Danny Devito by accident.
  • He prefers to be refered to by his nickname, "Sir Randy McNastypants"
  • According to a recent public opinion poll, 17% of Americans strongly believe he was the primary cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis